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NBA courts


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Are you sure they are getting new court? I mean 100% sure about that? I can't find that info anywhere except for everywhere

Here's the court :)


Actually where you have NYKnicks.com and @nyknicks on the sidelines it actually says CHASE

Thats 4 times on the court it says CHASE

Does anyone know why the Knicks are the only team allowed to sell ad space on their court? Does it have to do with not having a corporate naming rights to the Building i.e. the Staples Center on the court is sorta an ad for Staples? So are the Knicks allowed to write Chase because they don't have a stadium name ad?

FWIW Madison Square Garden is a brand of its own even if it doesn't pay for the naming rights to its own building.

The 'CHASE' ads near the benches are applicable only during non-ESPN, ABC and TNT games, during which the website and Twitter handles will be placed during national broadcasts. The Pacers will do the same with their IEDC 'A State That Works' ad; the phrase won't appear on the hardwood during national TV games.

The Raptors will also sell ad space on the court; they just recently inked a deal with BMO. The NBA is simply experimenting with placing ads on the court.

The sidelines are new, But the Knicks have been the only team that has an ad right on the court under MSG word mark for a few years now. What's the story with that? I would think if it was allowed many teams would jump on it. Why only the Knicks?

Well yeah the CHASE wordmark is under the MSG wordmark for several years now. For some reason it is unofficially titled 'CHASE Court at Madison Square Garden', similar to the Jazz calling their court as 'Larry H. Miller Court at EnergySolutions Arena'.

So they basically found a loophole. And almost all other teams have corporate sponsor on the building so that is the ad on the court.

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No one can't see that image. Only you.

Would you mind creating an Imgur account? At least everyone will see that.

I tried to access your photos, but you rejected it. I understand you might have some personal stuff there.

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GUYS PLEASE READ HE DID NOT MAKE THESE!!!! THESE ARE OLDER COURT DESIGNS FROM BEFORE NEW ORLEANS CHANGED THEIR NAME TO THE PELICANS!!!! GO TO THE HORNETS COURT AND READ THE TEXT!!! (sorry for all uppercase lol) Its says Nola -> New Orleans, indicating that these court designs aren't his, are older and were most likely found on the web :(

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On the contrary, I did...I got a video of nba 2k15 with the spurs court.


I then used a court template from PepMan33Conde (link is below Page 8) and went on Paint; I covered the base line and such all with black with the key as well. The alt. Logo I pasted on from the web (okay...).


I then found the correct font for the -sa spurs- thing on the side lines and top


I used 'try it', for the font Square 721 Bold Extended then used snipping tool to crop the image and pasted it.




There you go; new Spurs court.

And for the Charlotte Hornets...I'm fricken confused. The New Orleans Hornets Court? -_- Text?



I got the hexagon design by cropping part of the template from PepMan33Conde and saving it. I then went on Powerpoint and created a trapezoid shape and filling it with the court design. For the darker section, I just formatted the picture to make it darker.

I got the logos from SportsLogos.net and the novant health from the web.

And the basline team font...I found one similar in Conrad's practice court, erased all the shadowing, and cleaned it up to make it like it was in the real court.

So before you go shouting that these are fake, think actually...and if they are on the web...then where? Freddiekeady :mellow: Seriously...where's the evidence? Proof?

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