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Wendy's Changes Logo for First Time Since 1983


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I guess all bets are off since the Wendy's and Arby's corporate marriage went bust last year.



In an interview with The Associated Press, CEO Emil Brolick said the current logo had served the company well for the past three decades, but that it was time for an update. Still, Brolick said he was encouraged by consumer feedback in testing dozens of new logo variations over the past several months.

"When we pushed things too far. They very much reeled us back," he said, noting that it showed just how attached people are to the brand.

It's only the fifth logo update since founder Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy's in 1969, and perhaps the most significant. The makeover comes as the chain known for its square burgers and chocolate Frosty shakes struggles to redefine itself in the face of intensifying competition from the likes of Panera Bread Co. and Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc., which are seen as a step up from traditional fast food.

Wendy's push has intensified since Brolick came on as CEO about a year ago. In addition to raising perceptions about its food, Brolick is focusing on renovating outdated restaurants with a look that features natural lighting, flat-screen TVs and a variety of seating options, including cushy chairs in nooks.

The idea is to create a more inviting atmosphere where consumers feel they can relax. Starting in March, Wendy's says the updated logo will start appearing on newly built and renovated restaurants.

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What's even dumber is that the girl isn't even the main thing that I familiarize with Wendys - it's the giant red and yellow sign! I know it looks hokey and outdated, but who gives a rat's ass? The most important thing any company can have in the fast food world is brand recognition. Now they're just another wimpy red sign.

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Just the other day I was thinkin cause of the arbys change and how the wendy's logo is fine and probably never needs to be updated.

Oh well. I dont care for the font initially, but it will be interesting to see how it looks on the buildings.

edit: thinking of it more, im happy they didn't try to cram the new wordmark and picture in the old frame, as that probably wouldn't look that good like arby's new logo.

I also was thinking burger king needs to update their logo as it reeks late 90s/early 2000s with that half circle.

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Burger King needs an update in the WORST way.

They need to be blown up next to Jobing.com Arena, seriously they have gotten worst the last 10 years. Hate their burgers, but it seems like everything is becoming terrible, even their new products.

As far as the logo, I like it. If you go to the newer restaurants, they have downsized the girl for the just the Western Font Wendy's logo. But the update was due.

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Image of what a remodeled store will look like:


Their marketing officer talks more including on the two different ad campaigns and the Wendy's "wave".

Why did you lose the 'Old Fashioned Hamburgers' part of the logo?

If you think about our brand, gosh, we certainly sell a lot of hamburgers and cheeseburgers, but we also are leaders in innovation in chicken, we’re leaders in salads. We felt we needed to reflect our product line of today and where we need to be in the future.

The 'Quality Is Our Recipe' tagline has been moved.

We feel that it’s an important value statement for our brand. We wanted to let that out of its cage, so to speak, and use it on our signage and our soft assets, like packaging. Now consumers are going to be able to see, it read it and engage in it, as opposed to having it high up and set apart.

Why are these all of these changes happening now?

Look around. Chipotle, Panera, Five Guys — this is the new standard. They’re doing super jobs, but they have the advantage of coming in and being able to build new spaces and new concepts from scratch. We can’t stay stagnant in that environment. We have to continue to evolve our brand and grow our brand.

Our consumers have a different picture of what they expect. We have to leap frog now. It’s not just about catching up, because everyone else is moving forward. You grow brands to be viable not for a quarter, but for years.

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