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Every Team's Best Look Ever - NFL Edition


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Ice Cap, I dunno where you found that NYG 1975 photo, but I do remember those 1-year wonders.

I saw the road version at Rich Stadium when they played the Bills on Monday Night Football. That was the game some really drunk fan was climbing up the metal wire that is used for the goalpost netting. After that is was several years before we got another MNF game at home.

The striping on those NYG pants was insane!! :)

Here's a photo of Craig Morton from that same '75 season in the away version, I've long been looking for some decent photos from the NYG @ BUF Monday Night game but haven't found anything other than a few thumbnails, so if this website you found yours from has any I'd very much appreciate seeing them. Cheers.


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Sadly it seems like pics of this set are hard to come by. The pic you posted is the best I've seen of the road look in action. Here's what else I managed to find...



I really do love this set. Maybe the pants stripes could be toned down a bit, and the road sleeve striping could be tweaked to bring it in line with the home, but all in all I think it's a very sharp look. It uses what I consider to be the best New York Giants logo to date. I'm a firm believer that when you represent New York City you play up the civic aspect. So the GIANTS script never really did it for me. The ny logo is a step in the right direction, but it seems odd that a team called the Giants would use lowercase letters. The double outline NY really nailed it. Shame it only lasted a year.

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Here is a few video links to that nice NY Giants 1975 set. Click here for the home set and here for the road set. .

I had never seen those before. ....interesting to say the least. Not my favorite (I'm still partial to the ones I posted below, and had on my original post), but they're not horrible.


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NFC South

This is my favorite Panthers uniform




I stumbled upon this picture while looking for Panthers pics. I have 0 memory of the Panthers wearing the blue socks with the black jersey. They're playing the 49ers in their pre-96 uniforms so this has to be from 1995. When did they go to black socks?

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Can someone explain to me how these players are able to even move around with those giant floppy sleeves? My Lord, it looks like they'd barely be able to lift their arms above their shoulders... and even if they could, opposing players obviously can just grab those sleeves and prevent the player from moving anywhere.

I sure am glad we live in the modern age of football, when players are able to actually perform on the field. Back then, I guess football players just held on to each other by the jersey, stood in place, and made strange animal noises, right?

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Did the OP really list Dallas' present day unis as their "best ever" look? Holy :censored:.

Yes...he did...probably because Dallas hasn't changed their home white look much over the years, and it works. Unlike many people, I don't have an issue with the blue/green pants. It's my opinion, and I'm entitled to it.

NFC South cont'd



I must admit, I made a mistake. THESE Saints uniforms are their best ever. Not the ones I originally posted!

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