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What would you name each stadium/arena?

The Six

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Before they built Consol Energey Center I thought they should name it something like "Lemieux Gardens" or something of the sort, but he would never let that happen. He didn't even want his statue built at first. So I'd just have sold the naming rights to a different local company other than Consol Energy. Highmark Center would've been my first choice. PPG Center. US Steel Arena. UPMC Place. Hell, even American Eagle Arena. All sound better IMO.

I would have named PNC Park after Clemente, as would have most people here. And I'm honestly okay with Heinz Field. It's a well-known local company, the Steelers have too many hall-of-famers to use just one, and the Rooneys would never name a stadium after their selves.

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The problem with all the Forum suggestions for Staples Center is that the Forum is still standing. In fact, it was just bought by MSG to convert into a dedicated concert venue.

My suggestion for it? The Chick Hearn Center.

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"Wrigley Stadium!"


I'm probably then only one who gets this. Well done! ^_^

You can add me to the list of who gets it.

I thought a lot of people knew that Jeff Gordon said Wrigley Stadium.

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So why aren't there any stadiums or arenas named for great athletes? It would honor a team's history.

For starters, the Yankees should be playing in Babe Ruth Stadium. To me, Yankee Stadium was and always will be the old place.

And yes, Willie Mays is iconic enough for San Francisco to name its ballpark after.

San Diego could name its park after native son Ted Williams. And were it not for the influence of Anheuser-Busch, the Cardinals would likely be playing in Stan Musial Park.

I'm not sure if the Pirates should be playing at Clemente Park or Stargell Field.

Citi Field definitely has to become Jackie Robinson Field. And why aren't the Braves in Aaron Stadium? (Either them or the Brewers.)

There are two places that corporate names might work....

If the Giants don't name their park after Willie Mays and AT&T drops out, perhaps Ralph Lauren could get the naming rights. Then it could be


And turning to football, the place where the Giants and Jets play should have co-sponsors:


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