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Multiple Personalities


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Im sorry most of you thought you actually were talking to a community of people, it was just me.

And im not actually a man, im a woman.

Well, see there i go again, im notbeing entirely honest again.

Im not actually a woman, im a horse.

Ok, thats not even believable, with the hooves and all, i mean i suppose i could convert a NES powerpad into a keyboard, but no. Im not a horse people, Im actually a broom.

So next time you feel you are the moral or intellectual superior, rememeber your actually talking to a stick with a bundle of straw.

Im sorry for the confusion.

Does this clear it up for anyone out there confused?

Hahaha, you like Family Guy? That one is pretty funny. Is this issue actually resolved? If so, lock this up.

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I'm flabberghasted this thread hasn't been locked.

I sure would like to know what happened.

This is a classic example of somebody being caught at an indescretion, and then trying to drag everybody else down to their level. To simply justify their existance.

Woefully pitiful.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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