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SWB RailRiders Concept

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Hi all-

I'm a long time follower of this forum but have never created a concept, until now obviously.

Like many, I was disappointed with the new SWB RailRiders identity. It fails to capture the true rail heritage of NEPA. While working on a paper I doodled a logo idea and decided to take it to Photoshop.

I intend to use the same colors that the team uses: Electric Gold, Red Baron Maroon, and Yankee Navy. As of now, I just have what might be a cap logo or a jersey logo. The upload file looks awful so please forgive me


It is inspired by this logo of the Pennsylvania Railroad:


This is my first concept ever (please keep that in mind), and C & C would be much appreciated! Whenever I have free time, I hope to create uniforms and other logos for this concept.

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Looking good so far.

My reccomendations so far would be to try and work on joining the "W" & the "B"

As they seem to be heading to the same place, but don't actually meet up.

Also, I'd fancy up the end of the "S" or at least curve or smooth it out like the rest of the letters.

I would also try to put your own spin on the crest shape, just to keep it unique.

I hope that helps. Looking forward to any revisions you happen to make.

ps. this is only my second post (as I too am like you, long time reader, first time poster) I hope to have some concepts of my own up soon for some C&C.

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The keystone and the colors are great.

The letters need work, and I wish I knew more of what exactly was wrong. I'm thinking out loud here, so think about these things, maybe they apply, maybe they don't. don't take it all as "you need to do this", this is more "try this, see what you think" stuff.

The three letters don't have any real direction. it would be very hard for someone to see that and think "Scranton/Wilkes-Barre" ...and sometimes even when knowing that's what it's for. That's problematic in my opinion.

The W doesn't connect to the B at all. Yes, I know it's the same size, but it seems much more WSB than S WB. ...Really, it could be WS3, too.

If there were significant differences in the sizes, like half the size of the S, maybe. But that wouldn't be good for the people of Wilkes-Barre.

Maybe some kind of triangular setup? S above the WB? WB above the S? with some overlap, it might not be too bad.

Either way, this is certainly the right direction. I'm thinking an off-white jersey with heavy blue pinstripes and the keystone on the chest, pinstriped cap. Same thing on the road but with baby blue with navy pinstripes...very Railroad Engineer-like...I think it would be beautiful. Now if only the logo were easier to figure

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I like it.

I think you've captured the spirit of the Penn R.R. logo very well.

I'd try making the "B" a little wider by moving the left side towards the middle.

That would create a little "air" between the upright of the "B" and the curve of the "S".

Maybe, as a cap logo, you don't need a shape around the letters.

Again, nicely done.

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