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Nike Rivalry Series (LSU now up)


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Title says it all, the Nike Rivalry Series. Since Nike isn't doing the 'Pro Combat' stuff this year for Ohio State, they are calling it the 'Rivalry Series'. Rivalry week is upon us in college football, so here are a few concepts for a few teams to wear against their arch rivals. More to come soon.

Ohio State (vs. TSUN)


Last week, Nike revealed OSU's Rivalry uniform. There are some things I like that I kept, but made some modifications to please most Buckeye fans out there (i.e. kept the wider sleeve stripe, chrome helmet stripe, 7 buckeyes on the collar for their 7 national titles.). Ditched the silver numbers, made them white with sublimated buckeyes in them and added a silver outline. Also ditched the wide helmet stripes.

Michigan State (vs. Minnesota)


Kept the colors from last years' pro combat uni, still a lot like their current away uni too. But added gold outline to the sleeve stripes, changed the pants, made the stripe and logo on the helmet chrome (since that is the new fad).

Georgia (vs. Ga. Tech)


Georgia fans love black uniforms in big games. Not much to say, kept traditional striping, white pants and white helmet.

Oregon (vs. OSU)


It's Oregon, what can I say?


Oregon (vs. TBD in Pac-12 Championship)


I think this would be the best combination for Oregon because it premiers their ACTUAL primary colors.

C&C appreciated, still working on some other concepts for this weekend's games

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I'm not sure if you just forgot or want it like that but I think you should make the Name on the Back of the Bonus Ducks uniforms a different color

I think that (and the wings) are meant to be the red/green fabric

Also Oregon has been known to use non-contrasting NOBs.

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Oregon NOB font is real bad.

That Oregon name font doesn't work because it's illegible for its purposes. Very hard to distinguish an R from an A.

Oh, wow, I just noticed that. Please tell me the real NOB font isn't that bad. I've never taken a good look at the backs of the real thing.

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I'll make this quick....sorry for the lack of concepts, it's been a long week with exams and school

TCU (vs. Oklahoma)


combined what I like about their past uniforms with their current ones, added a chrome helmet stripe

Georgia (vs. Bama in the SEC title game)


based off of the last UGA concept I posted

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