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Nike Rivalry Series (LSU now up)


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I'll make this quick....sorry for the lack of concepts, it's been a long week with exams and school

TCU (vs. Oklahoma)


combined what I like about their past uniforms with their current ones, added a chrome helmet stripe

Never really noticed how traditional (some what) the last TCU sets were until now....

Good job. I like it, but I wish I could see a purple helmet and pants.

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Here is a little project I have been working on the past few days.

For the home and road primaries, almost everything stays the same from their current unis. A buckeye leaf sticker replaces the OSU logo on the front collar, the chrome helmet stripe returns (from this years' rivalry set), the TV numbers are a bit larger, and a gray outline is added to the numbers. Also, the thickness of the stripes all around the uniforms are consistent.


For the two alternates, the home is simply a modernized throwback to the Cooper/early Tressel era, with the thicker gray stripes on the sleeves. The buckeye leaf remains on the pants and collar to help solidify a revamped identity, as well as to connect the football program to the school's other athletic programs (see basketball). For the road jersey remains the same, but matching white pants are added to keep striping consistent, which is something the current road uniforms lack.


"Stormtrooper" uniforms have become a new trend in college football over the past two years. Not really much to say about this concept, as it is based off of another concept I made earlier this year.


-I'm not sure when these will be finished/posted, but I am currently working on some bowl game matchups, so stay tuned!

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I like the top Ohio State uniforms the best. Although I would make the grey stroke around the numbers a little bigger. I would also ditch the buckeye leafs on the pants and jersey. The buckeye leaf is something that is earned and having two already on you uniform would defeat the purpose of that.

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Thanks for the feedback

@dmhtfld I made the strokes a little thicker on each of the primaries and the road, and I think it looks much better. As for the buckeye leaves on the uniform, I get what you are saying, but I think I posted this in the original posting that the idea was to tie in the branding of the football and basketball teams, so that is why I added the 2 leaves.

@StLCardinals I tried out the black stroke on both jerseys, and didn't like it much. Didn't seem very clean if you know what I mean.

anyways, here are the updates:




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Here is a Fiesta Bowl matchup

For Kansas State, I wanted to ditch the more traditional look that they currently wear, and relate it to their basketball uniforms. Black emerges as a more prominent color, and the number font matches the basketball uniforms, too.


For Oregon, I came up with three different 'road' concepts. The past 3 years, Oregon has used silver/gray in their uniforms for bowl games. The first two concepts feature gray, while the third concept is a completely new design that seems a little more traditional and less "in your face", but still keeps Oregon's uniqueness. Notice the sublimated wings/feathers on the numbers and pants, too.




keep the c&c comin, there will be more for the bowl season. I am also contemplating making an oregon series (one new uniform per game for this past season), too.

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Sorry for it being so long since a new post, finals are finally over for me. Hopefully I'll have some more time to work on some concepts.

Anyways, I have a few NFL concepts done, so I may just combine this thread with a potential NFL one that I will start.


Based off of a concept I made a while back


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