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Charlotte Hornets Logo Concepts


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Lately I have been looking at a couple of Bobcats games and I've seen banners that read "Bring Back the Buzz". BTTB is a large collective group of fans who want the Hornets to move back to Charlotte or Micheal Jordan to rename the Bobcats. On their Facebook page, they have graphic designers (no professionals that I'm aware of) who has made both uniform and logo concepts. So I said meh, let me take a crack at redoing their stuff.

For those who don't know in Charlotte's inaugural season(1988), they used the logo below as their primarys but change it the proceeding season to the cartoonish version with Hugo the Hornet. I decieded to use it as inspiration to create my concepts.


So, this was the primary that I ended up creating. I kept the elements of the C and H, only that they aren't block font. Instead, I used Century Gothic as the font and wordmark. As the hornet in the original logo looks blocky, I wanted almost the same appearance too. The only difference here is that I differed to use a silhouette of a hornet with no stripes on the back.


The secondary logos are kinda in the air right now. I wasn't sure which to choose from. So in your opinion, which ones should I keep?







Just for fun, I made some lacrosse pinnies with a different backdrop under the hornet itself.




So, how'd I do?

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Hey Wizkid. I like where you're going with this. In the primary logo, I would lose the middle part of the 'H' since the hornet basically serves as a placeholder for that. I like the silhouette approach of the hornet but I would like to see one version where you see more details on him just to compare.

Do you have other versions of his logo for us to see?

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Just to clarify...that original Hornets logo was designed by Alexander Julian - the clothing designer who also designed the Hornets' original uniforms...the team had already come up with the cartoon "Hugo" logo, and had already made it the primary mark of the team. Julian's design - even though it had been rejected as a primary logo, did make it onto the shorts' waistband for the first few seasons, along with on the backs of the warmup jerseys. (Well, the partial mark - the "H" without the "C" anyway.)

From what I was told - from someone in the front office back in the late '80s - is that they never intended for Julian's design to be the primary...but put the partial mark on the shorts and the warmups to appease the designer.

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I have a few issues with this... I know its based off the original hornets logo.. BUT the big C with the small H in it makes me think of Montreal Canadiens.. even if its different color and fonts, its a big C with a small H. So I would try to rework the lettering somehow so it REALLY doesn't make people think of that at all.

Also - the C looks exactly like the Cubs letter. And thats the same problem. That exact C with "stuff" inside it is basically the Cubs logo (either the u-b-s or the bear walking)

The Hornet itself needs to be a little more defined. Silouette is fine, but its hard to tell even what it is. The original 1989 version is a better 1 color version I think. So I think if you clean that up, make it a little more streamlined it would help a lot.

Finally - I think it needs a third color. Teal and Purple are cool props for getting back to that.. but they kinda muddy together .. it needs like a gold or something in there to make the logo pop.

I think this logo has potential.. but I would choose a more unique font for the C .. rework the H or scrap it all together so it doesn look Canadiens-y and then clean up the hornet itself. And add in a touch of gold/yellow

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I think you have a good start here, but a couple of suggestions. I also made the Montreal Canadiens connection with the "CH" - and honestly, the H is so hidden by the hornet, I don't think it adds much to the logo at all. If anything I think the H makes it too busy. I would suggest removing it and just make the logo the hornet surrounded by the C.

Second...I know that the Hornets' old colors are those shades of teal and purple, but they just give me this early 90s vibe that's not very pleasant. Not to mention they remind me of George Shinn, and that would not at all be a good thing. Would it be possible to tweak the color set by darkening the purple and lightening the teal?

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On those jersey templates of yours with the overlapping hornet, I have trouble seeing a bee. The shape of those wings really makes it look a lot like a bird.

Now unless I'm mistaken, I think hornets have two sets of wings.

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