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Updated .PSD Football Template


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Well, the E51 pants are only used by the NFL, I made this more for college teams, so I went with the template Nike is still using even on their most recent designs (See: tOSU unis vs UM). It is easy enough to just remove that one line from my outline if you're so inclined...

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Now go to the folder of the uni elements you want to edit and use the pen or paint brush tool, as you can see, you can draw anywhere and the color stays in that element:


To color in a certain of the template, here is a tip - Go back to the Template folder and select the one you're working in:


Now use the wand tool (without contiguous on and somewhere in between, say, 10-90 in tolerance) and select the area you want to color exclusively:


Next, go back to the folder you're working in (in this case 'jersey') and create a new layer and then just paint in your selection with the paint brush.


And boom, you're done.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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