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"New" American Basketball Association


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We had a team here in Beaumont, TX that moved down the road to Winnie, TX before calling it quits.

First they were the Mustangs


Then became the Mavericks. Won back to back titles then tried to get into the D-League.....didn't happen.


Before that they were the Rio Grande Valley Silverados and played in the CBA. They were supposed to be in the ABA, then jumped up. And in the time between they were founded and when they played, the D-League placed a much more reputable team in the same area.

I actually thought their logo wasn't awful. Everything else about the franchise was.

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Big Boi and Andre's lawyers say "Hi."

Okay, I'll bite. They steal that from an OutKast album?


Not sure it's enough for an actual lawsuit, but it's clearly where they got the idea.

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These are the only logos that aren't an assault to my senses




Everything about it is all wrong. The league logo's ok, but almost all the others are crap that were made in 5 min with Powerpoint. Not to mention main page's using a Wordpress that several phishing sites use, banners look like something fresh out of paint and team websites themselves are all over the place.

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Plus some teams with no logos...... How do you have a team without a logo??

I see Tree Rollins is coach of the Tampa team. Though that may say less about the legitimacy of the league than the financial condition of Rollins. Or maybe he just likes Tampa.

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