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Seattle Totems Logos


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The logos are self explanatory. I wanted to get away from the cliche green and blue Seattle looks and give them a more original color scheme. At first I wanted to go with a plum-like red and mint green but the red looked too similar to the Avalanche's wine/maroon and I thought I was thinking a little too inside the box trying to revert the Totems to the Metropolitans era, to which they have no connection. Eventually I settled on a more brick red and cyan for practical reasons. 1, they reflect the bold natural colors found in Northwest Native American imagery, and 2, brick red could be a simple carryover from a certain franchise we'd all like to see relocated ;)


And here's a take with green as the basis for the color scheme


The hardest part about this was finding a unique color scheme that deviated from the norm but still managed to tie into Native American art from the region. Any thoughts on revisions would be welcome.

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I like it. The designs are great. But the colors aren't cliché. It's the color of Seattle, different shades are certainly welcome, but as a Seattle sports fan and a guy thats deep into my cities sports team, don't go away from the colors.

Other that you've done outstanding with the logo. Curious what font you used by the way?

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