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Sneak peak: New York City Empires


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Here's a sneak peak at one of the jersey sets I've created for a rebranding project I'm working on. The idea is that in the year 2014 the NHL folds and various pro teams are sold off, renamed and given fresh identities in a 24 team league with lower ticket prices. I'm done preliminary semi comps for 3 of the 24 already, but want to get a bit a bit of feedback before I dive into the other 21 teams.


As well, if anyone wants to weigh in on names for the remaining teams, below is a list of the cities. Keep in mind that each city has been selected based on it's fan base potential in a small league. We're looking to create a league with lower ticket prices as well as mostly traditional hockey markets, so please save the hostility over the elimination of sunbelt teams, since the project is trying to focus more on the NHL pre Gary Bettman era. I'm looking for names that represent the cities where the teams are located, so feel free to weigh in and let's make this a fun project.

The proposed teams are as followed:
American Conference
Patrick Division



-New York City Empires




Norris Division

-Chicago Shamrocks




-Seattle Totems

-St. Louis

Canadian Conference
Adams Division

-Halifax Explosion




-Les Traqueurs de Québec (Quebec Trackers)


Smythe Division

-Calgary Chinooks






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This looks like a really interesting idea for a new series. The league is very Canada-heavy, but I suppose that makes sense if you want to sell tickets. Good job staying away from the ridiculousness that is hockey in Phoenix or Atlanta or wherever. The Empires concept looks great as well. Looking forward to more!

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- Boston Bruins (keep the name)

- Buffalo (Eries or keep Sabres...depends on what you want to achieve)

- Change New York to Brooklyn

- Philadelphia Flyers (keep the name)

- Pittsburgh Pens (keep the name but use the blue colors)

- Washington Capitals (keep the stars and colors but shake it up, maybe like the winter classic) or Washington Senators

- Chicago Blackhawks (keep the name)

- Denver Altitude

- Detroit Red Wings (keep the name but maybe shake up the logo)

- Minnesota Wild (I like their identity but you could change the name to just about anything)

- St. Louis Blues (Keep the name but shake up the logo)

- Halifax Highlanders (for the celtic heritage in the area)

- Hamilton Steelers

- Montreal Canadiens (keep the classic names)

- Ottawa (not sure)

- Quebec Nordiques (old title, new look)

- Toronto Maple Leafs (keep the name)

- Calgary (could go many ways here)

- Edmonton Oilers (keep the name)

- Saskatoon Plainsmen (Native-American theme but not like the blackhawks, maybe an S with a feather coming off it)

- Winnipeg Jets (keep the name, but shake up the colors)

- Vancouver Canucks (keep the name)

- Victoria Mariners (for the ocean)

Just my ideas, make sure none of them look too much alike. Can't wait for the rest of these concepts, they're really good.

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Boston Rebels

Buffalo Stampede

Philadelphia Grays (civil war theme)

Pittsburgh Ironmen

Washington Eagles

Chicago Grizzlies (Bears, Cubs, etc.)

Denver Summits

Detroit Mohawks

Minnesota Lumberjacks

St. Louis Archangels

Halifax Jays / Riptides

Hamilton Tigers / Steelcats

Montreal Wanderers / Cavalieres

Ottawa Silver Squad (pays homage to the Silver Seven, blue-crimson, maybe a pale green too)

Quebec Nordiques / Guerriers

Toronto St. Patricks / Pilots (Air Canada Centre reference?)

Calgary Rustlers

Edmonton Twisters / Wildcats

Saskatoon Threshers / Thunder

Winnipeg Jets / Falcons / Victorias / Moose

Vancouver Rattlers (snakes have a part in Northwestern mythology)

Victoria Cougars

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American Conference

Patrick Division

- Boston

- Buffalo Bison

- New York Empires

- Philadelphia Keystones

- Pittsburgh Hornets / Pittsburgh Vulcans

- Washington

Norris Division

- Chicago Gargoyles / Chicago Shamrocks

- Denver Grizzlies

- Detroit

- Minnesota Blue Ox / Minnesota Fighting Saints / Minnesota Saints

- Seattle Totems

- St. Louis Steamers

Canadian Conference

Adams Division

- Halifax Schooners

- Hamilton

- Montréal Royals / Montréal Olympiques

- Ottawa Nationals

- Québec City Traqueurs (Trackers)

- Toronto Centaurs / Toronto Sentinels

Smythe Division

- Calgary Spurs / Calgary Wranglers

- Edmonton Roughnecks

- Saskatoon Power / Saskatoon Prairie Kings / Saskatoon Wheat Kings

- Winnipeg Wendigo

- Vancouver Vanguard

- Victoria Chinook(s)

I'll add more suggestions when inspiration strikes.

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Some really great ideas here, thanks to everyone who posted suggestions, I'm going to mull it over and put a few of them into concept sketches. We'll see how that goes, I guess.In the mean time, here's the next design named for the first French settlers as well as the bird of prey featured on the front of the jersey. Bonus points for anyone who can find the Fleur de Lis hidden in the design:


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The banner on the NYC patch logo needs to extend or the letters need to shrink. Banners are supposed to give the allusion or wrapping around somthing or draping over something. They way it is now, the banner is in front of the letter, but does not extend to the limits of the letter. This causes the depth to be thrown off. A profile view would show the front of the banner - the EMPIRES portion - behind that would be the ends of the banner, then behind that would be the NYC letters. The ends of the banner and the letters should be on the same plane to create the intended image.

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- Boston Shamrocks

- Buffalo

- New York Empires

- Philadelphia Keystones

- Pittsburgh (something to do with Mining)

- Washington Americans

Norris Division

- Chicago Blazers

- Cincinnati Stingers

- Denver Spurs

- Detroit Cougars

- Minnesota Lakers

- Seattle Totems

Canadian Conference

Adams Division

- Halifax (something to do with fishing)

- Hamilton Steelheads

- Montréal Explorateurs (guess I did that right)

- Ottawa Nationals

- Québec City Traqueurs (Trackers)

- Toronto Red Leafs

Smythe Division

- Calgary Cowboys

- Edmonton Roughnecks

- Saskatoon (something to do with farming)

- Winnipeg Jets

- Vancouver Thunderbirds

- Victoria Royals

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New York is the Empire State.

Yep. And, you've chosen to name the team 'Empires'. If you're going to use an iconic New York City skyscraper in the logo, anything other than the Empire State Building is naturally going to provoke questions of appropriateness.

Substituting the Chrysler Building because you prefer the look of it is akin to naming a team 'Lions' and then using a tiger in the logo because you felt it needed stripes.

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If you like the name so much, you're free to use it with the Empire State Building.

Design for me is all about aesthetics, what looks good to me and trying to distance myself from 20 other New York concepts all using the same vantage point of the same building.

This is my concept and I'm using the Chrysler building.

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