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9 hours ago, PepMan33Conde said:

@kodrinsky, you're missing one Orlando Magic court for the 2019-20 season. 


Occurred on 2020-02-08. 


I'm not wrapping the season up yet. As long as I do not finish the research by team (by now I have only followed the schedule by date) I expect more updates. For example yesterday I updated OKC's last season timeline and one Wizards missing court. Anyway, thanks for the tip.

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2 minutes ago, JohnnyRfl said:

As usual, top-notch work.


May be misplaced, and if it is, please get in touch and I can remove or edit it, but how do you get these wood textures so good? Is it really vector work?


The only thing that it is not a vector work are, obviously, the wood textures. It took a lot of PS work, but they come out nicely, I think.

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@kodrinsky, the Pacers used their 1998-99 court when Conseco Fieldhouse opened. Proof below (@ 7:12-7:13)



Conseco Fieldhouse in green text on white background. 


They did use the old court prior (Opening Night in particular), but they also brought back the old one during the year. Maybe it had to be refurbished? 

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Hey Kodrinsky! Thanks as always for your efforts - really, really appreciated.


Just curious about the bubble courts for the 2019-20 season.


I thought that teams had their respective logos on their "home" floors, or did that not happen until the playoffs actually began? Were the bubble teams playing on the generic courts you've posted here for the duration of the seeding games?


Regardless, presumably you'll release the team logo versions as well in the near future?

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