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kodrinsky I know this is thread about court database, but one question, i'd like to hear your honest opinion about these 90's jerseys colors, do the teams like Detroit Pistons, Vancouver Grizzlies and Charlotte Hornets had two different away or alternate jerseys during the 90's period or it is only some kind a light effect? if it's true could you tell me please the real dates of these jerseys debuted and ended thanks. Here is the pictures to compare:




Detroit Pistons had these away jersey i know:




What about this blue Detroit Pistons jerseys do they had them or not?: 




Vancouver Grizzlies had these away jerseys i know:




What about this maybe blue Vancouver Grizzlies jerseys do they had them or not?:





Charlotte Hornets had this purple alternate jersey i know:




What about this Charlotte Hornets blue jersey do they had them or not (check the waistband it is purple, but jersey and shorts had different color)?:






Would be very interesting to know it for sure without doubts in my mind is it true or not, and if atleast some of them is true which one was away or alternate jersey with the dates when they debuted and ended. Sorry for repeating the same. I know you are very detail and accurate person, that's why i asked you about it. Well i think you know what i mean.

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