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Some NHL Concepts


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Here are some NHL Concepts I've done recently. I'll start with the oldest and work may way forward:

With new ownership in Dallas, there is a lot of talk about re-branding. This design is based on the old Minnesota North Stars and uses the colors of other Dallas teams. I mocked up the design on my template I made.


Here's a mash-up I did for s***s and giggles. The Anaheim Ducks meet the University of Oregon. The NHL seriously needs to get their stuff together and get back on TV.


This design started as a possible Winter Classic design for the New Jersey Devils. For the logo, I used a retro script and I recolored the Arizona State Sun Devils logo. The home sweater is just a recolored Devils jersey from the 1980s and early 90s.


The next design is based on the old Hartford Whalers. I've always felt a little bit of nostalgia for the Whalers, Jets, and Nordiques.


This design brings back the old black, gold, and red of the 80s and 90s without being to horribly disgusting. My favorite part of this design are the giant stars above the logo. You'll notice that there is one star for each of the Canucks' Stanley Cups. Enjoy.


This design is based on the Winnipeg Jets uniforms of the WHA. It also reintroduces green into the Coyotes' color scheme. This design represents two different important phases in the franchise's existence as well as a new direction for the future.


There is currently a competition over at HJC to design the Winnipeg Jets' third jersey. So for my design, I combined the classic look of the Jets' sweaters from the 70's in the WHA with the modern sleek look of today.


So now you're caught up!

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