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NFL-LA Jaguars


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This has a very UCLA vibe, which I'm ok with, but I don't know if Californians would take issue with that. \

I like it, but the gradient pants stripe isn't something I could see the NFL allowing right now, and the dark-on-dark numbers would never work. Probably on the teal and definitely on the black, those would have to be white numbers.

Otherwise, this is a solid concept, and I like the full-body panther on the helmets.

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I like where this is going. This design is proof that full-body logos can work on helmets and they don't all need to be head-only logos. I'd rather the entire helmet just be blue (as opposed to gradient), but otherwise, this is good.

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no way the city of jacksonville will let the jaguars leave after it took them so long get national football league

That's an excellent critique of his concept.

As for said concept -

1. I think the helmet gradient should be darker on top than on the sides - especially if using gold, so it doesn't create a "horseshoe pattern hair loss" look. Just in general, I think if multiple colors are used, the darker should be on top.

I like the black to gold best.

2. The pants stripes curve too far toward the back - they look really odd at rear view. Maybe go with something more traditional. Try to work a little more black into the gold pants, and a little more gold into the black pants. With the new way they're making pants stripes (sublimated mesh - at least I think that's what it is) I think that a gradient would be fine. Just don't go crazy with the wrap around knees or super off center patterns.

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