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XFL Resurrection


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This really got better as the series went on. Love it.

My only major qualm, and I understand why you did it, was the changing of the Chicago Enforcers' colors. I always felt that the Enforcers had an awesome look, but something I was hoping you might do is related to a CE hat I had as a kid:


I LOVED that hat (I think it's still somewhere in my parents' crawl space, actually...) and was thinking that if you did a half and half helmet, ala Maryland, you really might be on to something.

Now, I still like what you did with Chicago, but sentimentality for my XFL team runs deep.

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Hey all! This is my first time here, and I have a huge project for any who are interested. I'm currently a full-time author http://www.johndavisbooks.wordpress.com and am in the planning stages of a series based around a fictional football league. I plan to call it the XFL, though it will be unrelated to the original XFL for copyright reasons.

Anyway, I am looking for someone(perhaps a handful of people) with the creativity and ability to sculpt the teams of this league. Helmets would be fantastic, full-blown uniforms even better. Maybe even a uniform/helmet for the league. Again, the only restriction of this project is that I cannot use anything already under copyright(i.e., the Whalers helmet).

Nobody will be paid, but everyone who contributes to the actual series will receive credit in the books and possibly have characters named/based around them(optional). And yes, this is the real deal, with the first book scheduled to release sometime in 2014 in paperback and across all major eBook platforms.

I hope this didn't come across as spam guys, but after seeing this thread today I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the level of talent I saw, and right away knew you were my best shot of making this league seem real. If you are interested, please feel free to email me at johndavisbooks@yahoo.com or send me a msg on twitter @johndavisbooks. Thanks everyone, and I bookmarked the site!

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Don't you think it should be the LUMBERJAX

I think he's ditching the overuse of 'X'

Having the ManiaX change to the Southern, for example

and I get the hint that the Xtreme endure only by popular demand, he indicated that he wanted to rebrand them as the 'LA Royals'

All the designs are great, though the XFL Texans need a name change, the NFL will sue claiming trademark on the name.

'San Antonio Desperados' could work, just as an example.

Just a dumb thought, since Hartford CT is WWE HQ, shouldn't the the Whalers be the 'Wrestlers' ?

I can understand the choice on Whalers, this notional XFL is more than likely distancing itself from it's parent after the marketing disaster during the first season. 'Hartford Rabid Panda's' as a "TakeThat!" to the Wildlife Fund could've been a fun alternate name direction.

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No, no. The Hartford Sports Entertainers. Not the Hartford Wrestlers. :D

I like a lot of these, especially Vancouver and Portland. I do think that for both the Whalers and Texans, you need to scrap them both and start from the ground up with different nicknames. The Whalers seemed lazy and unispired all around (I'm not saying you're lazy, you're obviously not), and the Texans were basically a mix between the Giants and the Cowboys with a name already used by and NFL team.

I also think it was weird to give the Hitmen the Enforcers' colors and then change the Enforcers' colors.

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Next up are the New York-New Jersey Hitmen. For their design, I basically copied the Northwestern uniforms. I know they're not very original, but I could see an XFL team using them. Also, the helmet is matte black. Thoughts?hitmen_zps09f3e20c.png

I don't like the color scheme; replace purple with blue.

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