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Thrift Store Gems 2013


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Got around to checking out places in Beaumont, TX. Ross and Marshall's. A lot of NewEra baseball and football hats for around $15. '47 brand hats for $12. Ross had a blank West Virginia jersey in the old template. Marshall's had an Astros dugout jacket that was selling for $150 at Minute Maid for $50.

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It gets even better: My post-Christmas Value Village trek yielded an Albuquerque Isotopes game hat for $6! :D

Same one? It used to be the QFC, right?

The one on Crown Hill? Yes. This one I actually got it in Marysville (north of Everett).

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damn im 7 3/8 and that is a little bit of a stretch, it probably wouldn't fit me, i would have totally bought it off you other wise

If you're close to Providence Place Mall, the Lids store there carries that style cap, but it's a 5950.

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