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I am thinking about starting a database with this template...


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Love how you've nailed the gloss, chrome and matte look. Chrome looks great. What program are you using? I'm assuming you black-whited a stadium photo, gave it opacity and layered it in? Worked out great!!

This would make a helmet database great. The one over at the helmet project is nice, but doesn't feature chrome or matte finishes.

Good luck! With so many helmets in college football, you have quite a project on your hands.

Try giving us Oregon with the yellow/chrome facemask!

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I too can't wait for the Revo Speed to go "out of style."

Unlikely to happen any time soon I'm afraid. Riddell stopped manufacture of the VSR4, the "generic" Riddell football helmet about two years ago, and Schutt have a habbit of following Riddell like a lost puppy, hence their new design with the "shelf" (their term not mine) at the back which looks almost identical to the Revo Speed but with an even more ridiculous facemask. Get used to weird looking helmets I think they'll be "in" for a while. :(


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