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Grant94's IIHF Redesign

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I recently did an IIHF Redesign for all ten teams in the World Junior Hockey Championship, and I thought I'd post them here. I'll post five today, and the other five in a day or two. As always C&C is appreciated.



I used a simple striping pattern, but added Maple Leafs to the sleeves. Black is still around, but it isn't used anywhere on the striping.

Czech Republic:


This is inspired by their current uniforms, but I changed it up too look less like a Nike Swift template. I also made blue more prominent on the red jersey.



I used some elements from their current jerseys, but changed a lot of stuff up trying to make their look better and more uniform.



I really like how Germany's current uniforms use their flag as the striping pattern, so I kept that. I just changed up a few minor things that bugged me.



I wanted Latvia's flag to be the main focus of this concept. I used the flag as the sleeve and hem striping on the white jersey. For the dark jersey, I basically made the whole jersey one big flag.

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I like them, all of them really.

If you wanted some real C&C, I'd recommend making the sleeve stripes on the Finland jerseys to be straight, or angled the opposite direction to keep from crowding with the large shoulder yokes (which are a nice touch) and sleeve numbers.

I like the Latvian flag idea...almost seems better as an alternate though because it's a little off the beaten path. But it IS a hockey sweater, and it seems like it should have some kind of adornment. Maybe a center logo, like the white sweater has. Maybe a small logo, offset to the side like a soccer jersey, as seen in the old West Germany hockey jerseys. Or maybe the word "LATVIA" or "LATVIJA", as they spell it, in white below the stripe, or even at the bottom a la the LA Kings. It just seems a little too plain, but idk what the solution truly is.

Really like the maple leaves on the Canada jerseys. Subtly integrating them into the stripes is genius.

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Here are the remaining teams...



Russia seemed like a good fit for this style sleeve-stripes. The striping also subtly uses the Russian flag.



Not much to say about this concept. I just did what I thought looked nice, and fit with what I thought a Slovakian jersey should look like.



I'm a big fan of Sweden's current jerseys, so I really didn't change much. The sleeves and socks now have three stripes instead of two, to better match the three crowns in the logo. Also the fonts for the name and number are different.



For some reason, I think a very simple design works best for Switzerland, so that's what I did.

United States:


This striping pattern is based off of the US flag. I also added sublimated stars to the shoulders.

I may update some of these this weekend if I get the time.

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Wow, I like them...I like all of them. It's really rare when I really mean something like that.

I like Russia's design, I like that Slovakia and the Czech Republic's kinda fit together, with the similar sleeve types and such, but opposite. Idk if that was intentional, but I like how that worked out.

And if you're going to sublimate stars on the USA jerseys, why not go all out and have bunches of stars, a la the 1976 jerseys?

You really ought to expand this out to more IIHF teams, you've done a great job, I'd like to see your interpretation of some of the lesser-seen teams, like Poland, Australia, and South Africa.

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