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College Football 2013 Season


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So Georgia Tech will have a throwback game.

From the Media Guide:

"The centerpiece of the season-long celebration comes Sept. 26 when Georgia Tech hosts Virginia Tech in an ESPN nationally-televised Thursday night game. Every Yellow Jacket Football All-American and Football Academic All-American will be invited back to campus and will be honored at halftime.

For the game against Virginia Tech, the Yellow Jackets will wear throw-back uniforms, which will be unveiled at a later date."

There's also a 100th season logo for Grant Field:


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THANK GOD. Maybe Georgia Tech will knock sense into itself when it wears what will have to be a damn good uniform.

They've got potential for one of the better, classier looks in college football. Everything about the atmosphere there is classic...except their damned uniforms.

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New number font for Florida?



And, after seeing this picture...


I'm not a fan of the jersey template, but those pants are actually growing on me. I think the differing front and back colors could actually work for a team with two unique colors. Heck, maybe the idea could be extended to the jersey too. Or maybe instead of front/back it could be side/side.

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Pioneers / Pick axes? I don't get it.

UW-Platteville never had an actual mascot until this past year when they rebranded so their mascot is a pioneer who is a miner to keep with their history of originally being a mining school, hence the pickaxes.

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In Chapter 349 of "Nothing's Sacred in College Football uniforms," we turn our attention to Florida

KurtStadelman Kurt Stadelman 52m

Grey pants this season. Yes. #Gators pic.twitter.com/McVYiLqJ9G


hoping they aren't real


No, just no.They look photo shopped, but who knows with this year in football.

If you look closely around his pants, there's "overspray" from where the photoshopper tinted the pants gray. Either that, or his pants have their own aura.

The newest Nike innovation!?

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N. Carolina would be great with two white stripes the same size as the black one and change the black with the navy blue. I get the black for tar I suppose but come on is black even a school color or athletic color? Do any other teams use it?!

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Still hate it.

North Carolina is a blue-white-complimentary darker color preferably navy school, but mostly they're light blue and white.

To make the dominant second color anything other than white is sacrilege.

They achieved perfection with Julius Peppers. Stay there.


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