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A couple things about the Yankees' uniforms:

1. Whatever this "modified trim" thing was supposed to be on their road uniforms, I could not tell.  They look identical from last season (and, for that matter, the mid-70's).  ???

2. The Yankees' website is offering a replica of their 1977 home jersey, marketing it as a "throwback" jersey.  It's priced considerably higher than this season's replica jersey.  What for?  Not one stitch of the Yankees' home uniform has changed from 1977 to today -- not even the number font has been altered!    :angry:

Andrew M. Greenstein

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If you want to get really technical, the manufacturer has changed since 1977, they authentic tagging is a little different, and the MLB logos were added to the back in 1999.  Of course, none of these are even on current replicas, and other than that, no nothing has changed.  But the casual baseball fan might see "throwback" and toss away some cash just to be cool.  On a side note, why are the Yankees the only MLB team that doesn't have their manufacturer's logo (Russell Athletic) on the their sleeve?  29 of 30 teams do.  What makes them so damn special?!
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