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Broncos written in Browns endzone... in Browns font. (1986-87)

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Wow... that PATRIOTS is terrible. I guess they didn't have time or allow for time to do it right. When I was younger in the late '80s (before email) I wrote a letter to the Browns about how they drew the logos and lettering on the field. I got a response from the Head Groundskeeper (which I threw out... ). He mentioned a process where the lettering and designs were done on a sheet of graph paper. Each 1/4" sq represented 1 sq yard. They would then use twine (and stakes) to create a grid in the end zone in 1 yard x 1 yard blocks. They would then mark the field per 1 yard blocks using the graph paper as reference. This was only for the first time they painted the field for the season. After that they just always re-painted over the faded lettering. Soooo... getting back to the PATRIOTS end-zone in Miami, it almost looks like they skipped too many blocks when creating the spacing for PATRIOTS. The "S" is outside the yard line numbers but the "P" looks to be even with the yard line numbers.... who knows?

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