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Continental Football League (CFL)

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Hey all,

I have decided to start my own league called the Continental Football League (CFL), Im not to good with photoshop or inkscape so i will be hand drawing the logos for the mean time but if any of you would like to make the logos just contact me and we can organise something.

I have two conferences, Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, both with 4-4 team divisions, these are the divisions so far, i would like some help with team names and if i should add/take out certain teams.


US East Division: Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Boston, Memphis

US West Division: Toronto, Portland, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City

Europe Division: London, Berlin, Paris, Vienna,

Asia Division: Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Mumbai


South America Division: Rio, Buenos Aires, Lima, Mexico

Africa Division: Capetown, Pretoria, Madagascar, Cairo

Australian Division: Perth, Adelaide, Wellington, Brisbane

Oceania Division: Auckland, Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart

C & C much appreciated and help if you would like to


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I would move the American franchises out of city's that have nfl teams, for example San Fran to Los Angeles (to fill the void left by the rams) I would also give Mexico a franchise as they do very well internationally (fourth it the world champs behind USA Canada and Japan). I would take the Dublin franchise and put it in Austria as the have shown by hosting the world championships the have great stadiums for football and have pretty good attendance (20000 at the final). The rest look good except I would take one of the eastern franchises and move it to adelaide, we have a fairly lage football community here, we have a stadium walking distance from the CBD that has is being renovated and would be great for football and then it would even out the franchises west central and two in the east

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This my idea for my first team, The Cairo Jackals, i have handrawn the logo as i dont know how to make logos yet on inkscape, if someone is willing to make it for me that would be greatly appreciated.

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Good start just need to simplify the colors some. Your lines need to be thicker & some of them erased to make these sports logos.

To much like clip art or illustrations right now.

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Australian Division: Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane

Oceania Division: Auckland, Samoa, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur

Melbourne? second biggest city in Australia and a global sports city (which Sydney certainly isn't)

More Samoans in New Zealand than Samoa.

Singapore and KL belong in a Northern Hemisphere/East Asian division.

An Australasian/Oceania Division of 8 would flow better.

Sydney - (traditional colours) Sky Blue, (secondary colours) Dark Blue and White.

(Possible names with local context) Pioneers, Fleet, Bush Rangers, Funnel Webs, Schooners.

Melbourne - Navy Blue, White, irregularly Silver.

Monarchs, Royals, Vics, Victorians

Brisbane - Maroon, White and Yellow.

Bombers, Flying Foxes

Perth - Gold (web, not metallic), Black, irregularly Red

Black Swan(s), Dugites, Mutineers, Fire

Adelaide - Red, Royal Blue and Gold

Monarchs, Piping Shrikes, Brewers, Sharks

Auckland - Dark Blue, Royal Blue and White

Sailors, Skippers, Clippers, Vulcans, Silver

Then two of the following 6 cities.

Gold Coast and Newcastle are larger than Wellington and Christchurch but the two NZ cities give a better geographical spread. Gold Coast being 1 hour south of Brisbane and Newcastle being 2 hours north of Sydney.

Canberra and Wellington offer two Capitals but Canberra isn't the greatest sporting town. Hobart in Tasmania offers a great location on the map and has no pro teams to go up against (though a small city of 200 000 in a small state of 500 000).

Gold Coast - Light Blue, Yellow and White, irregularly Coral

Surf, Surge, IronMen, (life) Guards

Newcastle - Red and Blue, White

Miners, Mariners, Maulers

Wellington - Black and Yellow

Storm, Cats, Bees

Christchurch - Black and Red, White

Knights, Mighty Moa, Haasts Eagles

Canberra - Blue and Gold

Federals, Bulls, Stockmen

Hobart - Bottle Green, Maroon and White, irregularly Yellow

Devils, Tasmanians, Demons (Diemens), Wild

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When i said i wanted team ideas i meant nicknames for the teams not the actual team, it looks good apart from the spelling mistake

sorry bout that, new here, and i saw that and fixed it thanks

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