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Forgive me, I'm pretty terrible at computer graphics. I always prefer to draw freehand. I'm not closing doors on them though.

Anyway, this is my concept on the new identity of the the Toronto Raptors. My first one with complete package, by the way. I used to post my NBA homecourt concepts on this website. Check the archives for proof. IT'S BEEN A WHILE. Three years, baby.

I feel that this team has a bright future, as long as they ditch Bargnani. I just love them even though they're pretty mediocre. Fire Bryan Colangelo. I may be a LeBron/Heat fan, but I see something special in their young roster. They just have to recruit high-profile free agents (Which I've been experimenting right now with the help of NBA 2K13.) Redundancy at its finest, lol.

Aesthetically, to embark a new beginning in winning and earn a modest rep, I decided to ditch their current identity and revise it. Simple and fast.

S/O to the fellas who created the templates for the home court and the uniform. I can't remember ya'll names but thanks for the help 'doe!

Here's the whole thing:




Home Uniform (Arrow changed directions from 'up' to 'down' and used pinstripes from the original uniform. Mixture of eras, indeed. More black = toughness.)


A.‘RAPTORS’ Script: Orena

B.Jersey number: Vox

C.Jersey surname in the back: Qargotek


Away Jersey (Yup. Ain't typo.)


Alternate Jersey


Home court (Pacers-inspired, plus slogan of 'BEYOND BROTHERHOOD' represents the team's value of teamwork and competitiveness. As the NBA's only Maply Leaf nation team, the slogan also promotes the 'remembering' veteran soldiers from the WW1. They made Canada a legitimate nation, mainly due to their courage and teamwork. Be inspired.)




Any comments and suggestions?

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Sorry but there are too many issues here:

- Font is too thin and non-attractive, especially the numbers. And the drop shadow on them looks half-done.

- The uniform design looks like the current one with the pieces pulled apart like a puzzle, only stopped halfway.

- The leaf is a different shade of red. Random and doesn't mesh well with the other red used throughout the design.

All-in-all, just doesn't look like a cohesively put together concept.

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Some innovative ideas for a good start. I think the typefaces and the linework in the jerseys give an intriguing new direction for the branding. But there are a number of things that need to be fixed.

First off, the drop-shadow-ish thing on the numbers has to go. Keep numbers simple so they're legible, that's their point. I kind of like silver striping on the sides, it kind of reminds me of skeleton fossils, so it makes sense for the team to me. But I have no idea what's going on with the tiny stripes running through the red panels. Whatever they are, they are much too fine a detail to read from far way. If you're going to do a maple leaf on the back of the red jersey, you just can't do it in two slightly different shades of red. It is too jarring to the eye. Try a white outline around the same shade of red instead. Cropping the secondary logo on the shorts kind of makes it pointless for the full logo to exist.

As far as the logo goes, the maple leaf on the dino's jersey is much too small to translate to printing, not to mention embroidery. It's a similar reason why the drop shadow on the secondary should go. An outline would suffice.

On the court, *please* center the footprint-ball on the court.

And as a long-time lukewarm Raptors fannish-type thing (it's more that my affection for the NBA comes and goes,) I concur that a lot of us are aching for purple to come back into the branding. It made the team distinctive in a good way,. Given the team has had so many miscues in their branding over the years, we long for one of the few things they got right.

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Alrighty, I have to answer 'em all, but the modified versions should be up by Tuesday. Here's my take.

I. Red shade - Better do that.th

II. Purple uniform? - Pretty impressive idea. Would love to have 'em as their 4th uniform. Think of the Heat (White Hot/Blackout) and the Cavs (CavFanatic.com).

III. Footprint ball with outline be placed on the center of the court? - I actually did it on purpose. Think of how the Cavaliers hugely placed the letter "C" on the center court. Otherwise, I might pull it off.

IV. Numbers on the uniform? - That was not supposed to have a drop shadow. Actually, I was about to outline them. I can't pay for the actual font. The better thing to do here is for me to change it into a free-downloadable font that looks similar.

Expect some modifications on my concept. And yes, I will work on all of your suggestions as well.

Keep it coming! Thanks guys! ;)

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Overall, yes, it's really come along. I feel like that stripe on the shorts really needs to come down to the hem. I also insist that the red of the jersey and the red of the maple leaf clash too much. I'd change all of the maple leaves to the shade of the jersey, then on the red jersey, put a white, silver, or black outline around the leaf.

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Whats the jersey template you're using? Could you post it?

The NBA Rev 30 template. I actually got this from someone then erased some stuff to make it look all-white. The original ones were a Warriors uniform.


And yes, I've modified all of them.








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