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American Football League, Milwaukee 1965



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http://news.google.c...home game&hl=en

I found an interesting article from 1965 on google news. Apparently, before the merger, Milwaukee was being considered for an AFL expansion team. So I got the idea to do something that's not a straight concept so much as an alternate history project that will eventually involve concepts from multiple eras leading up to the present day.

But first, let's say it's the mid-sixties, and Milwaukee has just been granted a team to begin play at County Stadium in 1966, and you're all residents of Southeast Wisconsin who've been asked by a local newspaper to submit ideas for a name the team contest. Just like many of the contests that took place back then, simply tell what you think would be the best name for a Milwaukee AFL team and a short explanation of why it's the best.

Keep in mind that this is 1965, and none of Milwaukee's current teams exist yet, so Brewers, Bucks, Admirals and Wave are all fair game if you care to use one of them, as are Bengals, Seahawks, or any other current NFL team that wasn't around back then. Similarly, Warriors would not be considered, as it was Marquette University's nickname at the time.

I'm looking to take the best five submissions, and open up a poll. Good luck! :D

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I'm gonna have to disqualify Hogs on the grounds that its actually trademarked by Harley-Davidson, but I would like at least one Harley-themed nickname for the poll, so keep the suggestions coming!

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Rangers and Bobcats were both motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson.

Milwaukee is tricky. The temptation is to go with a Northwoods connexion, like Foxes, Moose, Wolves, or Wolverines, but Milwaukee is pretty far from the actual Northwoods. However, all of those names could work just by sound and feel.

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Milwaukee Cruisers (obvious Harley-Davidson reference)

I like it! Cruising (as in car culture) was also a huge youth culture activity in Milwaukee in the late 50s and early 60s (and still is to some extent).

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Milwaukee Moose has a nice alliteration to it, and ties in with the pre-existing Milwaukee Bucks.

Or, you could also go a slightly different route and pick a name like Milwaukee Brutes and have a giant, angry Bull Moose as the logo/mascot.

This is 1965... the Bucks don't exist yet!

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Keeping in mind that the mid-60s Packers were incredibly successful, and were most definitely the state's team, I think you need to go with an anti-establishment name. You can't select something that is indicative of the state, because this group of investors is trying to be MILWAUKEE'S team (in theory, or backstory). Weren't the members of the "Foolish Club" in that same category of owners?

Anyway, I submit a couple of names along those lines, and one tied to Milwaukee:

Americans - 'we're the team in the American Football League'

Jesters/Jokers/Idiots/Clowns - reference to the Foolish Club

Hogs - while I know Harley has this TM'd now, did they in 1965? This is for a nickname that is strictly Milwaukee's

Great idea. I look forward to where you take this.

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