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Super Bowl XLVII


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Okay, I guess it's a dead horse but I saw this as I watched the NFL Replay edition of the SB. Before you read on, understand that I 1) hate the 49ers, 2) was rooting for Baltimore and 3) believe that ticky-tack penalties should not be called in any game much less the Super Bowl.

Check out the two Ravens bear-hugging Bruce Miller (#49 but you can only see the 9) of SF on the big kick return. Again, don't call the small stuff, but a guy being mauled and blatantly held right at the point of attack on a huge play in the biggest game of the season? That has to be called.


On a lighter note, the way Vonta Leach tosses Akers aside like he's an American Girl doll is pretty damn funny.

Peter King's MMQB from this morning says that the current NFL rule is worded in such a way that that is not considered holding on Miller. King didn't fully explain the rule, but apparently Miller would have to have been taken to the ground for it to be a hold.

For the record, King also says that the rule is a bad one and needs to be changed for next season.

I'm sorry I can't offer a better explanation than that, but that is pretty much all that Peter King offered.

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That's weird...had no idea he was going to address that play, today just happened to be the first time I had a chance to get the screenshot and post it. I just reviewed the NFL rulebook and the only exception I see that he might be talking about is that holding is not called if it's away from the point of attack. No way that could be called away from the point of attack.

Here's the holding rule:

c) Use his hands or arms to materially restrict an opponent or alter the defender’s path or angle of pursuit. Material

restrictions include but are not limited to:

I. grabbing or tackling an opponent;

II. hooking, jerking, twisting, or turning him; or

III. pulling him to the ground.

Penalty: For holding by the offense: Loss of 10 yards.

Blocking Notes:

1. When a defensive player is held by an offensive player during the following situations, Offensive Holding will not be called:

(a if the runner is being tackled simultaneously by another defensive player;

(b if the runner simultaneously goes out of bounds;

(c if a Fair Catch is made simultaneously;

(d if the action clearly occurs after a forward pass has been thrown to a receiver beyond the line of scrimmage;

(e if the action occurs away from the point of attack and not within close line play;

(f if a free kick results in a touchback;

(g if a scrimmage kick simultaneously becomes a touchback;

(h if the action is part of a double-team block in close line play;

Exception: Holding will be called if the opponent is blocked to the ground by one or both of the offensive players.

(i if, during a defensive charge, a defensive player uses a “rip” technique that puts an offensive player in a position

that would normally be holding.

Exception: Holding will be called if the defender’s feet are taken away from him by the offensive player’s action.

2. If a blocker fall on or pushes down a defender whose momentum is carrying him to the ground, Offensive Holding will not

be called unless the blocker prevents the defender from rising from the ground.

3. If the official has not seen the entire action that sends a defender to the ground, Offensive Holding will not be called.

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I think (h) might apply as well, since (1) it was a double-team block and (2) the exception to (h) discusses the defensive player needing to be blocked to the ground for holding to be called. However, I'm not sure that there could "close line play" on a kickoff return. Someone call Mike Pereira.

P.S. Here is Peter King's take on the play --

... The reason officials called no hold as two Ravens mugged 49er special teamer Bruce Miller on the 108-yard kickoff return for touchdown by Jacoby Jones in the Super Bowl: Miller would have had to be taken to the ground for it to be a penalty. Dumb, dumb rule. Miller was surrounded and held by two Ravens just as Jones sprinted by. The Competition Committee has to change that rule in 2013.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130211/monday-morning-quarterback-peter-king-offseason-week-1/#ixzz2KcJH43R5

OFF TOPIC -- His column also describes how the Ravens might lose/let Joe Flacco go under certain circumstances. I suppose anything is possible, but there might be a mutiny in town if that happens. We're not talking about Trent Dilfer.

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