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NCAA Yakball


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Alright guys, so if you saw my last post in the big yakball thread, I tossed around the idea of having a college concept tournament. Basically, I want to see college concepts, but I don't want to do them! I figure it'd be a cool way to see what others think of my little game here, and we might see some cool concepts.

So here's how it'll all go down. The first 16 people that sign up(I don't think we'll get 64) chose a college a D1 or D2 school. Then, I will randomize the bracket, and we'll have a vote off on the thread. Seems easy enough.

All teams must have 2 different colored jerseys, no sponsor, a field design, and a brand tied to the school. That's about it I think! I'm not going to enter into the competition(unless we need it), so it's time to see what you all got!

Here is my template in svg, paint, and psd. You could make your own if you wanted, but I figured everyone will just use the same. You also don't need the YA logo or the same font I use. The field isn't included in here, but it's a trapezoid with lines, so it shouldn't be too hard. Tell me if it is, and I'll hook you guys up.

As of right now, all submissions will be due on Super Bowl Sunday(February 2nd), so I send them to me by 11:59 EST to be counted. My email is mtbuc@aol.com


Svg, Paint, Psd

32 of 32

lancealot - Oregon

McCarthy - Ohio

Marble21 - Brigham Young

Ben5 - Towson

Lafarge - Penn State

DelayedPenalty - Michigan

mcrosby - Wisconsin

ChrisClement - USC

HarperK - Syracuse

Nas1787 - Simon Fraser

crkraider22 - Robert Morris

MBurmy - Wisconsin-Parkside

JimmyNutini - Boston College

DrDougFresh - Northern Arizona

Missouri Tigers - Missouri

Bucknut40 - Wright State

TFoA - Mississippi State

mbannon92 - Notre Dame

steff002 - Minnesota

lightning25 - Quinnipiac

maz - Pittsburgh

Midway - Texas Tech

msufan8 - Central Michigan

dbroalexander - Alabama

CDixonDesign - North Carolina

kevinjohnpost - Connecticut

CJworks - Gonzaga

bigmike - Duke

TimEO'Brien - Northwestern

Fifty8_Black O - East Carolina

New.Era. - TCU

Geoff - Louisville

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I'd prefer that you'd choose an American college, just because its the NCAA.

The Clan were accepted by the NCAA to Division 2 in 2009.

Yeah, SFU are NCAA Div. 2. They just happen to be the only Canadian school in NCAA. I can pick another college if you'd like (it is your competition after all) but I'd prefer to do SFU.


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