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NCAA Yakball


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That's it! Somehow 32 of you guys signed up in 4 and a half hours.

Next step is for me to randomly make a bracket. I figured if I randomized the names, then put them on a 32 team bracket, it would be fair.

Happy concepting, everyone!

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I hear ya! Right now, counting TFoA, it's 17. I think that if I ask around, and leave it open, we could get 24 or even 32 people in this.

How does Super Bowl Sunday sound for a deadline?

Nas1787- I guess you're right, they technically are a D2 school, so I put you down.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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Sorry fellas, I feel like a jagged start to the tournament just wouldn't work. Feel free to do your own concepts!

HarperK- nope, make them on your personal template or whatever. Just make sure they have what they need

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hahaha, sorry about that. I had two hours between classes this morning, so I was like "might as well post it". Before my next class ended at noon, there was already 17 sign ups. You guys filled 32 spots in 4 and a half hours.

Anyway, I actually got the Quinnipiac concept, so I might as well do the bracket. I'm going to put the list from the first post into a list randomizer on random.org, and most likely just go straight down the rows on each side of the bracket. It seems fair, rather than doing some sort of seeding based off who each designer is.

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