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Utah Thrust concept


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this is a concept i made a long time ago, originally for one of those Webdav contests, but i never ended up submitting it. the name "Thrust" comes from all the Land-Speed record runs that take place in the salt-flats of Utah (just incase you were all wondering, that is a jet-car ^_^ )

so i'm posting this now to get some opinions. firstly, is this logo even decent? i liked it at first, but im not so sure myself. need some opinions on that.

secondly, which of the 4 major sports would you think this would suit best? Baseball, hockey, basketball or football. i really have no idea. i guess i could maybe make a concept for each one.

let's hear some opinions!

Primary Logo


Secondary Logo


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I like the logo, but the colors just seem to clash so much. Do you really need that shade of green (some would call it "puke green") in there?

I'm assuming that's supposed to be a gold.

I like the idea behind the concept (that's cool how you used the world's fastest land speeder), but the down-to-the-right thing is not typically the direction logos take. I understand that it's a good angle for showing off the car, but it carries with it connotations that most don't want associated with their team.

A straight horizontal logo would be good for football (like on a helmet) or basketball (on the side of shorts, or on the jerseys where more horizontal logos and wordmarks are necessary). For baseball and hockey, a head-on approach (one that might have the nose pointed slightly down so you can see most of the car, thus making it reasonably recognizeable) might work best.

The alternate I'd have oriented flying to the right, without the multicolouring of the 'speed waves' (for lack of a better term). Also, the fire needs to be integrated into the logo better. The connection between the logo and the fire is weak... some all-encompassing outline might work, but I think there's a better way, I just can't think of it.

Anyway, there's a ton of elements in this logo I like (I really like the metallic look in the black), the name is quite original, and the subject matter (the car) is a great idea. Great work epper, you've done a great job so far, keep it up!

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ghoti, that "puke green" is supposed to be yellow. it just kinda got washed out i guess when i saved it.

syphi, thanks a bunch for the essay-like analysis, i really appreciate it because its exactly what ill be needing when i go to college this fall for graphic design. almost all your points i agreed on. especially with the "down to the right" thing not really working on sports logos. i just found a good reference pic of the Thrust SSC car, and created the logo, but then when i was done realized its a dumb shape for a logo, lol.

oh and the multi-colored "speed waves", are supposed to represent pushing the sound barrier. (just thought i'd clarify) B)

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