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29's NHL concepts - NASHVILLE ADDED


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Here's two options for the ducks home jersey:

The first one is the original with the silver D and a dark jade

The second one has the orange D and a lighter jade.


Which one (or any combo of aspects) would you like better?

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Alright, Here's the reason I was cheering for the Sabres last night: (Just so the sens could be in first, I still shuddered at any of those teams getting two points)

Boston Bruins:

Once again, I'll let it speak for itself. I'm getting a bit lazy with these descriptions. Also, all of my concepts so far have used black [or brown in this case.] That'll change with my next concept.


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Pittsburgh Penguins:

This is a concept that has been hanging around in my head, and my concepts folder on my computer, for a while. But I wasn't able to figure out how to do the TV numbers on the template until now.

So, it's a pretty basic concept, the striping on the home and road are based on the current sock striping, and of course the alternate is based off of the Lemieux-era yellows. In my head, these are to be worn every Sunday game, home or road, where it can, which would total 6 games (out of 8 Sunday games excluding the sens and Flyers due to the jersey colour they'll be wearing on those days) and includes the game already played against the Rangers.



Edit 1: Made collars black on home and road and added a base-colour outline between the number and the outline on the home and road

Nice job on those concepts for the Pens, I think we'll see the club throwback to the gold jersey in the future. I would like to see a gold triangle on the pants, which was black, in the mid to late 1970s when the team had blue pants.

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Okay, so.

I got feedback on my Calgary concept to tie the jersey in with the identity and name of the franchise, and for a third. So I tried going out of my comfort zone a bit and made this concept.

I put sublimated flames on the bottom, and the arm pattern is to resemble a flame from above. I couldn't decide for a red alt or a black alt though, so here are the two:


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Not crazy about the black alternate, because I don't think black should be a primary color for the Flames, and even using it as a secondary is pushing it for me. The red one is good as an alternate though, as long as the red-yellow-white jersey is the primary.

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Ok, long time back, so I have 1 1/2 concepts today, just recoloured the bruins really.

Colorado Avalanche:

I went with the mountain peak theme on the arms and hem, I also added back the old Rockies logo and used it as a shoulder patch. I also replaced all white with silver. For the alternate, I went Rockies inspired with a few creative elements like the chest stripe, which would be unique in the NHL. They would wear it at home against 1967 expansion teams this season (including the stars) against the Blackhawks on march 8th and against the Flames on april 8th, for a total of seven times.


Update #1: Recoloured shoulder patch on home and away to match avalance colours and lengthened blue all the way to the hem line.

I tried something different with Boston and went back to a yellow road jersey.

Bostonbruins%231.pngUpdate #1: Re-instated white jersey as third jersey which means schedule time:

January 28th @ Hurricanes

Febuary 6th @ Canadiens

Febuary 24th @ Panthers

March 2nd @ Lightning

March 17th @ Penguins (Penguins gold jersey night from Pens concept)

March 21st @ Senators

March 25th vs. Maple Leafs

March 30th @ Flyers

April 23rd @ Flyers

for a total of 9 times

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Glad to see you're back!!!

First thank you for getting rid of the black on the Avs. I like the idea of simplifying the mountain peaks, but it just looks kinda off. I would remove the bottom white stripe (on the home) and extend the blue all the way down, then do the same with the aways. I like the addition of the Rockies logo, but I dont really care for the yellow in it. I would try to add yellow to the whole set (which for the record I dont think would look good) or recolor the logo to Avs colors. The third you made is super sweet though!! I love "vintage-esq" jerseys and these are fantastic!

The Bruins recolor is nice, but I think I should be a third. The white away you had was just to nice to get rid of.

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I love the third jersey for the Avs, a really nice update on the Rockies. I also love the idea of using the Rockies logo as a shoulder patch, but I would recolor it to Avs colors for use on the primary jerseys. Nice idea with the yellow road jersey for Boston as well.

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Alright, Concept #4:

Check out the recoloured logo for the ducks, and tell me if you think it's better for the home.

Calgary Flames:

I'll let this speak for itself, since I wasn't really going for anything, and I didn't realize I was doing #29 until I was done, a bit of zoning out there.


As a Flames fan, I like this. I would suggest a thin black line to separate the white from the yellow in the logo and numbers like the team did with those horrible pedestal uniforms of the late 90's. [shudder...]

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