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29's NHL concepts - NASHVILLE ADDED


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Any more C&C for Colorado or Boston (or anything else)? The next thing I'll do is go back and apply a lot of missed C&C to concepts. (namely CGY alt and PIT)

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Ok, here's a new concept for washington:

I wanted to bring back the blue, black and gold. The arm stripe is plain, but I put the V into the hem stripe to be similar to the old jerseys. The alternate obviously takes it's cues off of classic jerseys. I originally had it black, but I couldn't differentiate it from the Penguins and Lightning. It will be worn 8 times.

3rd Jersey schedule

Jan 22nd vs Winnipeg

Feb 5th vs Maple Leafs

Feb 21st vs. Devils

March 9th @ NY Islanders

March 17th vs Buffalo

April 4th vs NY Islanders

April 11th vs. Hurricanes

April 27th vs. Boston


So, I have a few teams left to create a concept for, maybe you could tell me which one to do next.

New Jersey Devils, Montreal Canadiens, Carolina Hurricanes, Chicago Blackhawks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, or the San Jose Sharks

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Here's Ottawa with a new third: It will be worn 8 times



Jan 29th vs. Capitals

Feb 9th vs. Jets

Feb 19th vs. Islanders

Feb 25th vs. Canadiens

Mar 21st vs. Bruins

Mar 25th vs Devils

Mar 30th vs. Maple Leafs

Apr 22nd vs Penguins

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I concur but not to a full extent. That black Devils shoulder yoke has to go. Just tack on the the shoulder logos from the home/away sets and you've got something really good to go on

+A double hem stripe to match the arm stripes would be pretty neat

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I like the Capitals home and road set. That one's pretty good.

For the Flames alt: I can see that you flipped their primary logo 90 degrees clockwise, and just stamped it onto the hemline. I would of worked on it a little bit more, and then make it go all around.

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New Jersey Devils:

All the sets here are based off of the original Devils uniforms. The home and road are largely inspired by the original white jerseys, while the alternate is based off of the original red jersey, while modifying the striping a bit. The home is also the same for a Winter Classic concept I did a while back.

Here's the concept:


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Wow. Beautiful. Not crazy about the white yoke on the home (and I normally like white yokes. Must be the white on red?) but it's something I could get used to.

They're a team that doesn't need much of a change, but they do need a tweak, such as the arm stripe pattern here. It improves their look so much. I'm a big fan of the red/green combo too.

A+ man.

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I really like the series you are going, very nice concepts. As a NJ Devils fan, I really like the concepts. Also the Avalanche throw backs, "Colorado Rockies" are cool.

When I was growing up I used to attend the Kansas City Scouts games. They moved to Colorado and became the Rockies. I saw them play in 1979 while living in Denver.

in the early 2000s I saw the Devils play the Stars in Dallas. So I have seen the Devils play as all three teams.

May I request a "special" concept. Scouts - Rockies - Devils concepts for all three.

Keep on posting, these are good.

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On the Flames. while it is better than their current unis--the stripes don't say Flames to me--the style that is--it just doesn't work for me.

And while I do recognize it is not identical to the Blackhawks, the home jersey reminds me of the Blackhawks for some reason.

If they did switch to something like that, I'd probably get used to it, as it is better, but I don't know if it would ever grow on me to where I really loved it.

But overall, some nice ideas--not sure abotu the Caps' colours or the white yokes on Jersey's homes--but you're doing more than mere tweaking on many of thses--so that I am glad to see.

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