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Logos associated with failure.


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Ok so MANY of you are missing the point! like these logo's


Circuit City was successful when they used this logo, someone else posted their circle logo which would be more associated with them going downhill and failing.


Kmart used this logo in the 90s, and I would say they had moderate success for a while using it, when they started using the Big Kmart logo is when they clearly started losing touch and then they changed it again in the mid 2000s, so either of these logos would be more appropriate.




NBC made this logo in the 80s, obviously they had many great years with it, they would've had to change their logo in the last few years to be able to post a logo of theirs for this.

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Hmmm...Then of course there were a couple of radio stations in NYC that failed MISERABLY.... Blink 102.7, 101.1 JACK FM, Fresh 102.7 , HOT HITS 103.5 WAPP, FM NEWS 101.9, just to name a few...now if only somebody could put those logoa up....

I do remember Jack FM.

We're going to play all the Bon Jovi and U2 we want no matter how offended people get by it because we're anti-establishment.

Think that lasted about six months.

We still have a Jack station here in Buffalo. For those that don't know, the idea behind the Jack format was to emulate the variety of music people might carry around with them on their iPods... with the idea that most people don't just listen to rock or just country, etc. I loved that station when it first came out, but now it's 90% bad 80's music with some other decent stuff sprinkled in.

Well the other thing that made Jack such a bad idea was that it replaced WCBS-FM which was and still is a the most popular oldies station in the New York metro area.

So not only was it a bad radio station that nobody wanted to hear, it replaced another station that had a very loyal following.

Also I will post the logo of Jack FM when it was first launched. To me its one of the perfect examples of something wanting to be seen as anti-establishment, but at the same time being as mainstream as you can get.


lol in philly we have ben fm...cause of ben franklin.


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