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NCAA Yakball Voting


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Round of 32 voting

Midwest Region



Ohio (loved this one)

Central Michigan

East Region


Boston College

Notre Dame

Penn State

South Region



Texas Tech


West Region



Northern Arizona


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And that's it! Thank you to the 56 of you who voted on this! The results from the Round of 32 are

Midwest Region

CJworks/Gonzaga 49-6 lightning25/Quinnipiac

DelayedPenalty/Michigan 49-6 Maz/Pittsburgh

McCarthy/Ohio 46-8 steff002/Minnesota

TimEO'Brien/Northwestern 14-42 msufan8/Central Michigan

East Region

TFoA/Mississippi State 16-40 mcrosby/Wisconsin

JimmyNutini/Boston College 54-2 MBurmy/Wisconsin-Parkside

dbroalexander/Alabama 29-27 mbannon92/Notre Dame

crkraider22/Robert Morris 2-54 Lafarge/Penn State

South Region

CDixonDesign/UNC-Greensboro 52-3 Marble21/Brigham Young

Bucknut40/Wright State 6-50 Geoff/Louisville

Midway/Texas Tech 48-7 New.Era./TCU

Nas1787/Simon Fraser 31-25 Big Mike/Duke

West Region

lancealot/Oregon 13-43 Missouri Tigers/Missouri

Ben5/Towson 29-27 HarperK/Syracuse

kevinjohnpost/Connecticut 2-54 DrDougFresh/Northern Arizona

ChrisClement/USC 37-19 Fifty8_Black O/East Carolina

I want to thank everyone for coming out with their concepts. I didn't realize that 32 guys could do concepts for my sport. Sorry that half of you are done, but I invite you to keep voting in this. Some really good concepts got knocked out in the first round. So don't be too disappointed, that's just how the draw worked!

Also, shout out to Notre Dame and Syracuse. Those concepts were losing by a lot and came back only to lose by 2 votes.

The next post will set up the Sweet 16

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Alright! Next round! Vote for your favorite in each match up, and this will run through 9 am Friday. We'll have really close voting, so every vote counts!

Sweet 16


Midwest Region

East Region

South Region

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