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NCAA Yakball Voting


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This round was a lot closer than the first, as you can imagine. The really great concepts are starting to show, and if you've made it this far, you made a pretty damn good looking set. So here are the results.

Midwest Region

CJworks/Gonzaga 20-26 DelayedPenalty/Michigan

McCarthy/Ohio 30-16 msufan8/Central Michigan

East Region

mcrosby/Wisconsin 27-19 JimmyNutini/Boston College

dbroalexander/Alabama 25-21 Lafarge/Penn State

South Region

CDixonDesign/UNC-Greensboro 43-3 Geoff/Louisville

Midway/Texas Tech 16-30 Nas1787/Simon Fraser

West Region

Missouri Tigers/Missouri 25-21 Ben5/Towson

DrDougFresh/Northern Arizona 25-21 ChrisClement/USC

Congrats to all the guys eliminted for making it this far, you were in the top half! But some good concepts are out. You're welcome to stick around and vote!

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The remaining concepts are all elite, but who will be in the final four? Voting runs from right now as you read this, till whenever I wake up on Sunday.

Elite 8


Midwest Region

East Region

South Region

So go vote! Who will make it out of the dogfight of a West? Can Alabama keep up the close games? Who will win in the toss up of a Midwest region? And can Simon Fraser keep the Cinderella theme and upset the highest votegetter of the whole tournament?

It's not up to me!

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