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Expansion Concept: Honolulu


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This is my third soccer concept, this time for a fantasy team in Honolulu...


The team's name would be Pearl of Honolulu, inspired by other similar-sounding team names like Heart of Midlothian and Heart of Oak. I was about to call it Pearl of Oahu, but even though that sounded better to me, it made more sense for the team to represent either the city they play in, or the entire state. The colors I picked are sea green and black. I already made a home kit for this, but I'll wait to post it until I get some feedback. Thanks.

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I really like it. Great name, and the logo is executed quite well. I'll wait to see the kits to comment on the colour scheme. I feel as if a light pink colour would pair nicely with the sea green, though.

You think so? I was thinking either that or a soft yellow, but anyway, here's the home kit:


Due to circumstances beyond my control, I won't be able to get to a computer with Paint for about a week or so, so expect the other unis to come as soon as next Tuesday. Thanks.

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