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New Vikings logo released


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I like it.

Sure, at first glance it’s not a radical change -- but after the Dolphin's logo fiasco, that is a damn good thing (same could be said to a lesser extent for the Jags' new logo).


The two key positive changes IMO are:

1) Changing the horn shape to resemble the horns on the Vik’s helmet (it's a very sensible move, reinforcing consistency); and

2) The shortening of the hair braid’s length -- allowing the overall side profile to be resized larger (you basically get a free “resizing” / more "real estate" out of the logo without much of a cost -- so they will look clearer on jerseys, etc).

Add in the cleaner, bolder lines and brighter colors, and you've pretty much got a winner.

Yeah, it doesn't knock your socks off at first glance, but if it did, you'd have a never ending controversy (some will hate it, some will love it, why mess with a good thing / tradition?, etc. etc.) This way you respect the franchise tradition and give it sensible, reasonable upgrades / updates -- is there room for improvement? Probably. But most (if not all) of the changes are in the right direction and that should not be overlooked and be given due credit.

Grade: A-

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WOW. Nice. Someone mentioned this being up there with the Cards for best facelift ever. Maybe. I daresay it's the most close to the vest update I've ever seen (contemporary, not historically). Seriously. That is some finely tuned TLC applied.

Could it/should it have been more? What else is there to say? I love parts of Frasers. REALLY like the heft and simplicity of Andrew's. And although I don't have them in front of me to look at I know Tom has shown me some of those cool ideas he references and I dug those too. And I like this so.

It's all good. This is (no matter your opinion) extremely competently handled. What's a dirty shame is that that fact alone is noteworthy lately.

Also, no offense to Vikes fans, but it is XX% harder to get excited one way or the other when the design is not front and center. If I'm not paying attention I can go years without even seeing that Viking logo. Not that all work shouldn't be as good as it can be...just saying.

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I was born to hate the Vikings (Packers fan), but the best part about the update is the gold. I had heard rumors that the Vikes were thinking about switching to a gold similar to the Rams. The fact that this logo update still uses athletic gold dispells that rumor, which is a good thing.

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Hey, is this a first? In all my time on these boards I've never seen a change that didn't garner at least some hate from the posters.

AZ Cardinals logo update?

I remember there were a few guys who preferred the old logo...still some on the AZ Cardinals boards I frequent who do...but not too many.

I mean - even Larry Wilson (HOF safety from the 1960s) said at the 2005 unveiling how much he would have liked to have worn the new one instead of the original mark. (Larry was on the team in 1960, when they began wearing the bird-head on the helmets.)

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I like Frasers except the horns they are too skinny. Andrews seem too stretched IMO.

My only complaint about the new one is the line strokes & the horn not being exactly like the helmet.

we havent seen the new uniforms yet ;)

Yes but if they use that horn it will not look good on the helmets as someone mentioned above

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So what were the options again



Didn't really notice=Viking

what was the 4th option and it's supposed to be the Bucs, but I never got conformation from any of you that the Bucs were actually doing something

The rumored Bucs change fell into the category of "oops, nothing is changing".

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