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Bulls: please, please, please, no black pants. It's an awful trend. A couple nitpicky about the stirrups... On the home, I think you selected the wrong layer on the template, because the only part that is shown would make it wider, if that makes any sense to you. Finally, the part that is under the stirrup itself is (typically) white. I dunno what people have been doing these days, but when stirrups where required, MLB players wore them with white socks. 

Knicks: This ones almost perfect, except for the black socks/shoes. It doesn't look right since you didn't pit black anywhere else. Other than that it looks great. 

Wizards: It could look good, but there's just too much going on to make it work. I would start by removing the side panels on both jerseys. That would clean it up some. Maybe take off the pinstripes socks on the white jersey so it's similar to the red. It'll be interesting to see what others say about this one. 

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Not a bad start but if I were you, I would try incorporating more of the actual NBA uniform into the baseball uniform. For example, the Hornets have pin stripes on the basketball uniforms, so maybe put pin stripes on their jersey.

For the Bulls, maybe use some of the logo styles from the White Sox, like the diamond logo to correspond with the diamond on the Bulls' shorts. For the Wizards, they have the thick pipe down the side, maybe use the same piping from the late 80s and early 90s, that are located on the top of the shoulders.

It's also a BIG mistake to not use any script word marks. Almost every team in the MLB has a script wordmark.

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