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New OKC Thunder logo project


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Guest darkpiranha

I like A or C, but I think the awkwardness I'm still having is that there's just so much hair. It's overpowering the logo and it's essentially just a big blob of yellow, and not something interesting on its own. The lightning bolt should feel more dominant. You could maybe try putting the whole thing in a roundel where the line of the curve from the C version of the bolt continues down and leads into the shape of the hair. Cropping it by putting it in a roundel will help with the 'blobby' nature of the hair, and also suggest Basketball a bit more. And it's now an "O" for OKC.

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Alright, my 4th draft. Respect to darkpiranha, but I feel like the hair is just as much important as the bolt (to give it the "warrior god" look), so I just made the bolt bigger, while still making it flow with the helmet.

Just so you know, the Thor look will only be the main focus of the logo. I'm trying to decide on either a roundel or the shield OKC currently uses as a backdrop.


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The lightning bolt is one jag too long. The neck is too big compared to his head. Speaking of the head, his eye is too far up. Yes, you can have some creative input to make it your own, but anatomy is something most people instinctively recognize if something is off. I find the hair is too long and the hair lines that are closest to the bottom should just connect to the outline. The area between the two is so small it's pointless not to have them connect. And finally bold lines and shapes mixed with some definition should help you out.

From this point, I'm probably just gonna make a few small changes here and there (like the lines in the hair, the eyes, the neck, maybe make the lines a little more bold, etc.), but for the most part, I'm comfortable with the way it's set up at the moment and then decide on whether or not to put it in a roundel or keep the shield.

Also, will start on the secondary and tertiary logos.

But thanks for the input.

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