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Quidditch World Cup


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Come the year 2026, while in the Muggle world wars seem to have finally come to an end, in the wizarding world, Quidditch live their golden years, with Brazil surprising everyone and winning 3 of the last five World Cups. The country of South America will host the edition of this year. Let's see what we can expect from the 20 participants this year.


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The European Federation of Quidditch is synonymous with excellence and class in the middle of this sport. The federção that are part selections Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and England might just have the best players in the world.

"Melo and Kusko selections are highlighted by Brazil and Peru, but we have Viktor Krum, who still old does the job.'s In Europe that the world's best teams, the best players, teams with more class." - Said the president of the continental federation.

But despite such high quality, the playoffs were a real duel of David against Goliath. The very top selections from Bulgaria, Germany, England, Belgium and Ireland were far superior to the rest, and qualified with ease. Already France and Scotland fought with Ukraine and Poland until the end, and in recent matches, got the victory.

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