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Logos/Uniforms Gone Too Soon


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17 years was far too few.

It has a nice timeless classic quality to it. I've always hated the current/traditional uniforms the New York Rangers sport. I'm sure they were fine for the 19th century amateur teams.

The second I saw the Lady Liberty logo, I immediately thought "Yes! That's the one!"

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Sonics- Although those colors were horrid, it was a nice logo and could've been recolored in green and gold.

Raptors- Isn't this still around, just without the purple?

Pistons- Loved the whole horse identity. It was different. Now it's just a basketball with our name like half the teams in the league. Blah.

Hornets- Hopefully we shall see that again. soon...

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No. Not a chance. That never should have seen the light of day.

I disagree. That jersey should never have seen the light of day, but that logo is decent on its own.

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This beauty:


I love it. It should have been on the cap.

Infrared always compares the Avs A/mountain logo to something he'd see slapped on a gas station mega-gulp, but this right here is what I'd expect to see on a $3 trucker cap or a bottle of motor oil.

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