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Timbers third kit concept


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The Timbers get a new third jersey next year so I thought why not make one myself.


My first idea was to use yellow as the main color because Rose City Red gets used before it and yellow is in the crest underused. I wanted to take the collared approach like the current third to further mix it up from the primary and secondary jersey.

My second idea was to put the crest on the left and numbers on the right which is based on the

1975 Home jersey


which I thought was a nice continuation of the third kit being a throwback kit.

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments? Concerns? Critiques?

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Looks nice. I'd like to see this become a reality. Another thing, the modern Timbers don't use yellow. It's called "moss green." Also, did Alaska Airlines change their logo just recently? The one on your concept is different from what they have irl.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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