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Team Championship Logos/Emblems/Shields


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Guest darkpiranha

Seriously, dude, you win the award for Best Use of Excel for Artistic Purposes, EVER. And then we need to retire the award.

I may have to give Excel another look, because I imagine it's possible to populate a lot of these with data from a database, as in, you could perhaps do the bulk of the work for the NFL by just pointing the basic text to Conference/Division/Team pivot tables or something similar? Or are you having to build each one from scratch?

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Lol. Thanks again. I track my fantasy football league and ncaa bracket tourney stats using excel and have become pretty much an expert at it. I just started messing around one day with doing designs using the shapes and i just kept building and building on it until i got to what you see above. I also use Microsoft Composer when I need to manipulate the logos but 90% of the designs are done via excel shapes and Wordart.

What I do is i start from scratch using an idea that I find, which could be a t-shirt or poster or whatever, and redesign it starting with shapes to get the basic design layout. From there I add the wordart and import the images necessary. Then it's just a matter of tweaking to get it where I'm happy with it. Once the first one is complete that becomes the template that I can create more with easily and quickly.

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