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DBro Designs - College Hockey Concepts - Georgetown Hoyas


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First up is the North Carolina Tarheels. I was working on a Yakball concept for this team and had an idea that I thought would transfer well onto a hockey jersey. And that ended up being the alternate jersey for this hockey concept.

Here's the whole set.





So what comments and critiques can you guys offer? You a fan of the argyle? Or is it too gaudy for you?

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On the home and aways... what's with the horizontal stripes at the waist coming to a sudden end? Not sure that works. Otherwise I think the argyle is fine for NC.

I felt it's one of those things that seemed like a very modern design trends that a college would be more likely to try. I sure as hell wasn't going to try this with a pro team. Plus I wanted to have the argyle all by itself on the side panel and not have the stripes going all the way around and making them interact in some way.

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I really like that alt, DBRO.

Perhaps THAT sweater design should be your home and away.

Yes I like the argyle, and you've actually simplified things by putting the arg in the stripes.

Imagine a white version with a "reversed argyle" in the striping.

Nice work...as always.

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I personally (for what it's worth :( ) think this concept is just PERFECT!!!

I absolutely love how you "dare" to cut off the hem striping to front and back panels only - Different, yes! I bet from a "fabrication/production" standpoint, it would be very practical.

The argyle pattern is well used, sparingly on the "traditional" H&A, more obvious on the ALT.

The only practical questions I have is regarding the logos positioning: seems a little high on the chest.

And one last thing: White helmet with white shirt? Not a big fan of dark lid on white uniforms. I don't mind a helmet that is of secondary colour for a dark top... just my opinion...

Keep those outstanding concepts coming...

p.s.: You should look to see how much GEEKJERSEYS would charge to make one of those (Although they probably wouldn't do it as they would be infringing copyrights)

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Thanks Frenchie. I feel the same way about fabrication/production. it totally could be done and i feel that it has...somewhere...

I based the argyle placement on the home/away on their actual hockey team jerseys as well as the basketballl jerseys all of which have the argyle on the side panels.

yeah, the logos do look a little a little high but the way I had them they seemed very low and it bothered me a lot.

and I kept the white jerseys helmet dark simply because that's how a lot of high school and colleges do it. I think most programs buy the gear and it's cheaper that way. I'm sure bigger schools have the budget for two helmets per player but UNC doesn't have a big hockey team. Just an ACHA club team. So it's dark for realism purposes

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