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Notre Dame Throwbacks


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As an avid Notre Dame fan, I have my collection of ND memorabilia. My most current piece is getting this program cover blown up into a poster.


Well that inspired me to make jerseys based off that one, and let ultimately to this:


The jerseys have a lighter tone of blue and a darker tone of gold, I also put my ND logo on the sleves in white, and a pure brown belt giving it a 1940's/leather look. I also added another ND logo to the pants in a shamrock, as ND always uses a shamrock logo and have been doing so since..... forever.

(Also a little tribute to my man Tyler Eifert)


I tried to make my own interlocking ND logo, giving it a retro look (seeing these are meant to be 1942 throwbacks). I also put that logo in a shamrock.

C&C appreciated.

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What Spearhead's getting at is aside from the NDs, the jersey kinda looks like Penn State's old homes...ironically, making the collar and cuffs blue instead would look like both ND's current...and Penn State's current. Which would somewhat defeat the purpose. And obviously, gold cuffs would be appropriate for a Lou Holtz-era throwback, but not for the 40s-style look you're going for. Quite the quandry. Maybe a compromise would work...keep the collar white but make the cuffs blue, maybe? In any case, as a fellow ND fan, I love it.

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