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MLS Rivalry Week Throwback Concept


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For MLS Rivalry week I decided to make throwbacks for all the rivalries. I started with the Cascadia Cup Rivalry and will add more as I get to them.

Cascadia Cup

Portland Timbers


Vancouver Whitecaps


Seattle Sounders


Texas Derby

Texas Derby Jocktag


F.C. Dallas Burn

Jersey with Burn Crest


Jersey with Dallas Crest in Burn colors


Dallas crest in the old Burn Colors:

Houston Dynamo

Blue Version


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Atom, I would purchase all three of these jerseys. Great job!! I couldn't agree more raysfan24, I understand that they have to pay their bills but the jerseys do look so much better without the ads.

Thanks man

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Not liking Columbus' look at all. There's no red or light blue in the logo. What team is it supposed to go back to?

NASL never had a team in Columbus so I made it based off the city flag.


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