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Going to Safeco Field!


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Hey, all. I'm going to see the M's play the Padres at Safeco Field on 06/26. I haven't ordered my tickets yet and am looking for input as to (1) preferred sections; (2) availablity of tickets on site; and (3) local attractions.

1. I'm looking to do this on a budget, unlike my recent trip to PETCO, when I sprung for the $40 seats behind homeplate. I'm thinking of either the $17 View Reserved seats, preferably in the upper deck behind homeplate, or the $7 CF Bleacher seats. Please let me know if there are any particular sections you'd recommend, i.e., w/ views of downtown.

2. Is it advisable to order my tickets in advance, or will I find good deals on good seats from scalpers? Is scalping legal in SEA? Anyone got tix to the game they can't use? My buddy is housesitting in Queen Anne and could arrange to buy 'em from you.

3. The friend of mine who's housesitting is only in SEA for a month, so he's not terribly familiar w/ the surrounds. Any nightspots you can recommend for after the game?

Thanks for your help.

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As someone who spends there school year in Seatown, I'll give you some help

The couple times I've gone, I have been able to get walk ups on most of the outfield seats, and with the M's doing poorly I bet there's no rush

If you want to get a good view of downtown and Qwest Field sit on the first base side or upper deck right field, so I think those $17 dollars one would be good for those.

For stuff to do, there are a couple bars around the stadium in SoDo like the the Pyramid Alehouse and Slugger's, Pioneer Square's not too far away and it's got some places. They're always the space needle, buts that's a little pricey just for the view. by the space needle in Seattle Center is the experience music project, which is a fancy music museum. A little on the price side.

Downtown alright, a bunch of stores and stuff. Pike's Place Market downtown is fun to look at all the neat stuff people are selling and watch some fish being thrown.

I don't know where you friend's place is, but other parts of the city like Fremont and the U-District.

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Thanks, ECH. I've been to SEA a few times and I seemed to recall that Safeco was south of downtown and faced to the east. I think I will go for those upper deck seats on the 1B line. I appreciate your info.

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Go to one of the Team stores for tickets. They have them in several malls and at Safeco. Buy the $6.00 seats. You can wonder around the park freely. The ushers don't get involved too much with removing people or checking tickets unless forced to.

Reason I say team stores is you pay face value. One of the best spots in Safeco is in CF and it is standing room only first come first serve.

Before/After the game:

Just head to Pioneer Square, lots of live music and small bars. Each bar has its own flavor and style. One of the big bars going now is Cowgirls Inc. Think Coyote Ugly and you have the idea.

Pyramid is a nice place for before the game. It is across the street from the park down the left field line and take 5 seconds to get into the park.

Central Saloon is a fun place, lots of history and famous people have been found sitting at the bar, as well.

Hint: Drink beer outside at Pyramid it is much cheaper then in the park.

Here is some information from a Seattle website.

This is Seattle's oldest neighborhood and where the term "Skid Row" originated. Lumberjacks skidded logs down "Skid Road," now Yesler Street, to a mill at the bottom of the hill. Saloons and brothels lined the street, and the term soon took on its derogatory connotation locally and nationwide. The Underground Tour leaves from Doc Maynard's and explores the now underground storefronts of the original neighborhood. Today the neighborhood is filled with art galleries, small shops, bookstores, including Elliott Bay Book Company, and restaurants like the elegant Il Terrazzo Carmine. At night the square comes to life. Popular nightspots include Central Saloon, one of Seattle's oldest bars, and New Orleans. Many clubs feature live music, and one group of 11 bars and clubs offer admittance for a single cover charge.

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Well, I was trying to decide between getting the $17 upper deck seats and just getting cheap seats and walking around. Since my buddy's not much of a baseball fan, I think we'll get those $6 seats you recommend. I appreciate the help.

Lemme know if you get a chance to come to AZ. I'll give you the skinny on the BOB and downtown PHX.

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