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NCAA Minimalist Logos


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Everybody's doing it! I was bored tonight so I decided I've give the Big 10 a try. I may do other conferences later. No letters, just symbols.

Big 10

Big 12



I tried to avoid using their actual logos with most of them, although some are pretty much the same (Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin).

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Glad you guys like these! I doubt I'll do every FBS team. Most likely I'll just do the power 6 conferences because like you said, the mascots can get repetitive.

Anywho, here's the Big 12 and ACC:




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All these minimalism ideas going around here these days are really interesting. I like the ones that are obvious still, such as Purdue, BC, Michigan State, since they don't take out key aspects of the logo. For example, the Hawkeys and Duke kind of bother me because the hawkeye has no beak and the blue devil has no face. They are still recognizable, so in that sense you've succeeded, but they seem incomplete. Since these are all silhouettes, adding the beak or face doesn't make this any less minimal.

Texas Tech and Boston College are my favorite so far.

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