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Canadian Football League 2013 Season


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The days getting longer and the weather getting warmer can only mean one thing: CFL season is almost here!

The 2013 CFL schedule was recently announced and can be seen here.

Notable in this season's schedule is the belated debut of the new Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, MB, the temporary relocation of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats to Guelph, ON while their home stadium is demolished and rebuilt, and the re-appearance of the special Touchdown Atlantic Game in Moncton, NB.

The 101st Grey Cup will take place on Sunday, November 24 at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, SK.

One interesting piece of off-season news for the league is the recent completion of a $200 million television deal with Bell Media. The deal will see TSN and RDS continue to be the exclusive television home of the CFL in Canada (in English and in French, respectively) from the 2014 through 2018 seasons. This figure is being reported as more than double the value of the CFL's previous deal with Bell Media. (More here.)

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Looking forward to it.

Last season of 8 teams for a while--as long as Ottawa is okay to come on board in 2014.

New stadium in winnipeg (Will others--not just Hamilton--follow?

But mostly the games--

will Drew Tate stay healthy and how ill he do with a full season?

How will last year's stars hold up?

Who will be the next ones to emerge?

CFL football is exciting action most of the time.

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I saw a guy I went to school with and a family friend of mine Rennie Curran got signed by the Eskimos. Bit undersized and overlooked in the NFL, never really given a chance. Was great in high school and at UGA. Check out youtube videos of him.

Position? I'll take a good look at any new Eskie, especially a friend of a CCSLCer.

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next year--still 8 teams for 2013--and if all goes well--9 in 2014.

I'm looking forward to Ottawa being back in the CFL. In a 8-team league playing an 18-game schedule, the amount of repetition can get to be a bit much...for instance, virtually each season one of the Bombers' divisional rivals (it changes from year to year as to whom) will play in Winnipeg 3 times. A ninth team generally eliminates that possibility.

FWIW Ottawa will be selecting players in this year's draft.

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Yeah. Schedule dynamics with 9 teams are much more interesting than with 8 teams, as there would ideally be 3-team groupings.

Each team would play each other twice, followed by one more against each of the two teams in your pod. So, for example:




So, in essence, if Hamilton plays two away and one home against Toronto one year, they'd play two home games and one away against Ottawa, etc...

The home-away allotment then flips the following season for fairness. I'm not sure which team would get left out of Labour Day games, though. Probably Ottawa, until a tenth team is added.

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If somewhere down the line, there's an Ottawa vs. Saskatchewan grey cup. I will be eternally happy.

Heck, as long as the team isn't called the RedBlacks, I'll be happy

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Ti-Cats select DL Linden Gaydosh, from my hometown of Peace River, AB, first overall. My aunt used to teach him. Good for him, happy to see a Peace Riverite in the CFL.

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This is year Winnipeggers, this is the year we win the whole damn thing!

I'm right there with you. Go Bombers!

23 years in November.

I figure why be negative about them anymore, hasn't really worked out.

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